“But for millions of non-Germans, the Germans are brutes, capable of anything. That summary judgment, born of invented horrors laid to the Germans in 1914, has remained in the subconscious of the public. Let the occasion arise again, and that mentality is reborn at once, as we saw in 1940-1945. Anything at all will be believed if it is charged to the Germans. Whether it’s a question of gas chambers in which, to believe the figures of the accusers, the victims would have to have been crowded together thirty-two persons per square meter twenty-four hours a day; or whether a description is being given to you of the crematory furnaces which, if they had to burn up all the bodies assigned to them by the Jewish propaganda, would still be working at full capacity in the year 2050, or even 2080. When it’s a matter of denigrating Germans, nothing need be verified.”
- General Leon Degrelle, Hitler: Born at Versailles (California: Institute for Historical Review, 1987), p. 141.