There are deliberate official lies which may be put out by a government through official spokesmen or bureaus. There are deliberate unofficial lies, which a government may put into the mouths of unofficial spokesmen. There are hysterical hallucinations by individuals responsive to this kind of manifestation. There are lies of which a government may know, which for good reasons are not denied by officialdom. There are deliberate mistranslations. General obsessions, started by false rumours, play their part. There are deliberate forgeries and omissions in documents given to the public. Other forms of lying propaganda which counter-propaganda has to meet are deliberate exaggeration and concealment of the truth. Faked photographs play a part in lying propaganda. So do lies emanating from indeliberate or deliberate unreliability of witnesses. The catalogue concludes with the lies of pure romance, official secrecy, sham official indignation, false accusations, and charges.
- Propaganda Technique in the World War