Truth is hate, to those who hate truth.
- Germar Rudolf, Auschwitz-Lies. Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust, 2005
Now it will be the Jews who will set the tone... to make money any way one can and have women will be the ideal... the adventurer of the future will be the sexual deviate. This will be the basis of the art of the future.
- Pío Baroja y Nessi, ALEGRO FINAL, 1928.
My wife's grandfather landed in Normandy in 1944 and before he died in 1995 he said that "if he and his comrades could have seen how bad Britain would get they would have thrown down their weapons and joined the Germans."
- Sid Elliott, 2015
And this is what truly intrigues me about Elixir. Despite the fact that it is a very modern language, it is quite small. You can read through the language guide in a few hours and have a pretty good grasp on the core concepts. I love this. I'd much rather spend cognitive cycles on figuring out how to solve a problem instead of figuring out which construct in the language should be used. This also leads to much quicker mastery. Use 10 constructs 100 times each and you'll get them intuitively much faster than if you use 100 constructs 10 times each.
- Aaron Lebo, The UNIX Philosophy and Elixir as an Alternative to Go, 2015
If I were one of your users, I'd protest strongly. This draconian measure will cause much illwill and probably some serious damage.
- Chris,, 2007
In another satire, I said, "to American service men, I have only this to say: If you are stupid enough to put on a JOG uniform and leave your family and go thousands of miles away and kill thousands of people just to please the Jews, well, then, I hope you get killed, if not this time, then the next". Of course there will always be a next, and then another next, and then another, and then..... I wrote that before Serbia, before Afghanistan, before the Second Gulf War, and I believe even before the invasion of Panama.
- C.W Porter to k0nsl in 2005
I see no reason why mainstream media journalists should not be provided with uniforms, awarded with medals. Why not? They start wars, they are the vanguard of wars, and, they take of the debris afterwards.
- Mike Walsh, 2015
Apparently, these Jewish war agitators on the other side of the Atlantic cared nothing for the lives and safety of the German Jews. They continued their agitation in the most evil manner as war came, with their constant defamation of Germany and Hitler. With the unconditional surrender of the German defense forces on May 8th, 1945, the anti-Germans attained their goal: once again, the German folk could be carved up like a dead goose, as is happening today. Our successors know absolutely nothing about the foregoing events. The German folk are purposely kept ignorant by the politicians and media. Why?
There is absolutely nothing that these frauds won't do. I had an article about nude Jewesses going into the gas chamber and the guard and his dog [both] had an erection. Nuremberg trial testimony.
- Jacob Skunkola, CODOH Forum, 2005