DRM -- The practice of giving someone encrypted data, the decryption algorithm, and the decryption key, then trying to control how they use the decrypted data.
- Simon Richard Clarkstone
While the other races of creatures upon this earth routinely and indeed always pursue their own best interests, our own race does not, and the result of that fact is that we are in full retreat today as a race and are indeed vanishing from the very globe.
- Matt Hale, Fighting the Mental Sickness of our People, 2017
The Jews of Eastern Europe were notoriously filthy, wearing the same clothes for years and literally never bathing. Fritz Berg has pointed out that shower baths were the LAST thing that could ever lull an Eastern European Jew into 'unsuspectingness'. They would no sooner enter a shower bath than they would a meat grinder. They hated water.
- Daniel Saez Lorente
Nothing is more dangerous than to act like coqettes, when one no longer has endows.
- Philippe Henriot, 1944
There is no convenient, easy way to describe Fascism to those who do not care what it means, and never will. The term has now been discounted and transformed to describe any violent air-brain who roams the world looking for the destruction and elimination of all and any social good, or better still, to describe anyone or anything that meets with one’s disapproval. To define it properly today would require a leap of the imagination and courage, and the publication of an exhaustive treatise.
- John Ringo, The Last Centurion
I have been accused of being anti-Jewish. In reality I wish the Jews no harm. What I demand is the right to speak of the Jews just as freely as I speak, for example, of the Germans. And I ask that the Jews be deprived of the right to harm me, whether physically (between 1978 and 1993, I was attacked ten times by Jews), or by means of a special law that they finally got enacted on July 13, 1990, and which in France is known as the ‘Fabius-Gayssot Law’, the ‘Faurisson Law’, or the ‘Anti-revisionist Law’.
- Professor (ret.) Robert Faurisson, Adelaide, 9 November 2003
So out of curiosity, what does the famous k0nsl do for pastime? You can't be all work and no play? And you don't seem to be involved in the old games we played and the old forums we used to visit.
- Mercenary666, k0nsl-archives, 2005
Anyone who has the nerve and audacity to doubt the 6 million innocent lives taken at this point in history is a sick and twisted individual.
- Tiffany Ali, 2016
What can we say about former Krematorium III Sonderkommando member David Olère coolly telling me in 1981 that the SS made sausages of human flesh [“Kremawurst”], except that he was still living in the nightmare that had been imposed on him and recounted anything that came into his head, whereas I held in my hands his own drawings of 1945-47 which are masterpieces of authenticity.
- Jean-Claude Pressac, Auschwitz: Technique & Operation of the Gas Chambers