“I hope Stockholm boys tear you up”

This person was the founder of a medium sized “trojan” underground forum which — for the most part — gathered people who ripped each others source codes (i.e “lamers”). He’s from Norway.


* j-v-2 (~chatzilla@Rizon-A8E58047.loqal.no) has joined #taunet
<j-v-2> k0nsl din lille nazi gutt
<k0nsl> Hej!
<j-v-2> hei
<j-v-2> cant believe u still here u bastard
<k0nsl> Me neither.
<j-v-2> you should be in jail
<j-v-2> i hope stockholm boys tear u up
<j-v-2> vet du hvem jeg er?
<k0nsl> Ja.
<j-v-2> dude.. i just checked ur blog
<j-v-2> u started hating on muslims too now?
<k0nsl> Ah, but pray tell: since when the hell do I “hate” anybody?
<k0nsl> Look here you backwards ****; just because one doesn’t love this, that or the other, does not automatically translate into “hating” any of it — also, when is writing the truth as one perceives it equivalent with ‘hate’?
<j-v-2> jeg håper innvandrerne i sverige voldtar deg og landet ditt [translation: “I hope the immigrants in Sweden rapes you and your land”]
* k0nsl yawns

“Few people deny the holocaust”….oh really?


<k0nsl> <Digerati> not very prevalent, but the few who deny it upset lots of people
<k0nsl> few people?
<k0nsl> give me a friggin’ break.
<k0nsl> http://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8596&p=65253
<k0nsl> straight from ADL.
<Digerati> of course you’re linking as a source a nazi deniers forum
<Digerati> lol
<k0nsl> want other source?
<k0nsl> okay!
<k0nsl> no problem!
<k0nsl> http://news.yahoo.com/half-people-surveyed-adl-dont-know-holocaust-201510025.html
<k0nsl> http://global100.adl.org/public/ADL-Global-100-Executive-Summary.pdf
<Digerati> not knowing what the holocaust is is not the same as denying that it happened :)
<RaGe[]> lol
<k0nsl> “a majority of people surveyed overall have either not heard of the holocaust or do not believe it happened as has been described by history
<RaGe[]> this only strengthens my argument that humans…are retarded
<Digerati> ^
<slashsux> RaGe[] I bet k0nsl has some sort of program, thats like a nazi machine, where he just types in a search term, and gets like.. links and pictures and quotes and shit.. like.. “Digerati is saying a few people deny the holocaust?! DUN NUH NUH NUH NAZZZIII MACHINE: “HOW MANY PEOPLE DENY THE HOLOCAUST?!” ZING PING *BAM*” and it spits out all this information
<Digerati> LOL
<torm3nt> http://www.dailystormer.com/jews-sob-after-several-middle-school-students-say-holocaust-never-happened/
<RaGe[]> i assume so yes
<RaGe[]> nazi fact bot
<Digerati> that’s what happens when you spend over a decade of your life working on holocaust denial efforts
<slashsux> he must, and if he doesnt.. hes not as good of a nazi as i thought.
<RaGe[]> !nazibot define holocaust
<RaGe[]> nazibot: totally didn’t happen lol
<Digerati> :D
<k0nsl> -_-
<Digerati> rofl
<slashsux> HAHAHA
<k0nsl> assholers.
<slashsux> k0nsl: <3
<RaGe[]> ;P
<k0nsl> <3
<slashsux> come on k0nsl you had to laugh at that one
<k0nsl> a little bit, yeah.
<RaGe[]> lewl

“k0nsl is a dirty fucking nazi”

From 2009..

[14:59] <illy> wtf
[14:59] <illy> why there like 6 people in here
[15:07] <tmr> cause k0nsl is a dirty fucking nazi
[15:07] <tmr> hating on em jews all the time
[18:37] <illy> never thought of that
[18:39] <k0nsl> sinulla ei ole kauniita silmiä!!

odds0cks: “do you still deny the holocaust?”

* k0nsl is looking for beta testers

<k0nsl> https://k0nsl.org/blog/new-cpanel-server/

<Taylor> URL Found: New cPanel server! | k0nsl’s blog

<odds0cks> haven’t seen you around in forever k0nsl

<odds0cks> forgive me for being silly but …

<k0nsl> :)

<odds0cks> do you still deny the holocaust?

<k0nsl> of course.

<odds0cks> or am I confusing you with someone else

<odds0cks> you were on cruel-intentionz back in the day? not to mention a bunch of other forums

<k0nsl> yeah :]

<Digerati> haha

<Digerati> blast from the past

<odds0cks> indeed

<Digerati> odds0cks: did you have a different nick back then?

<Digerati> i don’t remember you

<odds0cks> I’ve gone by a few, I won’t mention

<odds0cks> I know you Digerati …

<k0nsl> (horror movie music)

<k0nsl> I beg my pard for that, Digerati.

<Digerati> :(

<k0nsl> anyway, glad to hear from somebody I presumably knew back in the day :D

k0nsl: thanks WHMCS!

<k0nsl> heh, one provider I am using had one bill for me in my account — some 165 dollars: now that bill is gone and it isn’t archived as paid or unpaid either. There’s nothing there. It’s just gone. Thanks WHMCS!
<b0b> they just knew you were gonna be all jewy and not pay it so they dropped it
<b0b> they were like, “nope, not worth it to go after that fucking hermit”
<k0nsl> haha!

b0b: “Digerati where is your mug shot?”

<b0b> Digerati where is your mug shot?
<Digerati> don’t have one
<b0b> http://is.gd/Eo1xlr
<b0b> ^^rage[]
<illy> lol
<Digerati> LOL
<b0b> Digerati give me your mugshot right now or i will have illwill find and/or fabricate one
<Digerati> honestly don’t have one
<Digerati> or if i do, i don’t know where it is
<Digerati> i’d love to see it
<illy> what county did you get arrested in
<illy> your mug shot is made public
<Digerati> i didn’t get arrested in a county
<Digerati> was arrested by feds
<Digerati> i don’t recall getting a mug shot taken
<Digerati> got fingerprints and DNA
<illy> you still need to sit in county to get your federal charges
<Digerati> don’t think i got a pic though
<b0b> they dont give you a picture
<b0b> they make it public record
<Digerati> nah lol, they brought me to philadelphia FBI field office
<Digerati> and booked me there
<Digerati> i was with FBI and DEA arrestees
<Digerati> i mean i don’t think they took a pic of me when i was arrested
<Digerati> if they did, i don’t remember them doing it
<b0b> w/e
<b0b> w/e
<illy> digerati is like …”listen”
<illy> “i’ll cut a deal”
<illy> “i’ll give you akill and everyone you need to know”
<illy> “i know this guy ksv who has this trojan”
<b0b> he gave me priv8s
<Digerati> lol
<Digerati> i miss ksv
<b0b> fine just give me the footage of you crying in the courtroom
<illy> ksv ran as far away from you as possible
<b0b> lol
<Digerati> he was in florida for a while
<Digerati> that sexy ass pilot
<illy> k ghey talk
<b0b> srs, u always gotta gay up erryting
<Digerati> it’s what i do


This is one of the guys Digerati gave to the feds in exchange for a lighter sentence:

b0b: “Seinfeld can fucking die”

<Digerati> just quoting seinfeld
<RaGe[]> never really watched that show
<RaGe[]> it felt racist ;>
<[myg0t]h4x^^> sucky show
<Digerati> you’re all just anti-semitic
<RaGe[]> rly
<illy> takes a while to get use to seinfeld
<illy> i never liked it til this old lady who hated it told me to watch it
<Digerati> :P
<Digerati> godric and i have seen every episode of it i think
<RaGe[]> nah i just dont watch TV period
<RaGe[]> ;P
<RaGe[]> as far as i can tell
<Digerati> same with The Office
<Digerati> what great shows
<RaGe[]> its a buncha wealthy jews living it up in the city
<RaGe[]> hating people of my color
<RaGe[]> sabout it
<b0b> The office is alright
<b0b> but seinfeld
<b0b> that guy can fucking die

b0b: “Yeah sorry I forgot you are the tolerance police”

<RaGe[]> i already say dood and whoa too much as it is and i dont even do drugs
<RaGe[]> if i did i’d literally turn retarded
<RaGe[]> although i’d probably get laid a lot more often since id be all like whoaaaaa hey baby without shame
<b0b> thats like saying “i dont want to try alcohol but i’ll definately try anal”
<b0b> (with a dude was implied)
<RaGe[]> rofl
<Digerati> (not that there’s anything wrong with that)
<b0b> yeah sorry i forgot you were the tolerance police