An Inconvenient Fall – New Issue of Inconvenient History now on-line!

I got this from Mr. Widmann “just now”. See below for eight new submissions at Inconvenient History:

Friends of Inconvenient History!

I am writing to announce that the fall issue of Inconvenient History is now on-line.  I hope that you will agree that the new issue, which has a special focus on WWI, is very interesting and informative.

If you plan to  submit articles to be considered for our Winter and Spring issues, the cutoffs for submissions will be November 1st  and February 1st.

Best regards to all!

Revisionism as Creative Destruction, by Jett Rucker

Roots of Present World Conflict: Zionist Machinations and Western Duplicity during World War I, by K.R. Bolton

The Rise and Fall of Historical Revisionism following World War I, by Richard Widmann

The Great Holocaust Mystery: Reconsidering the Evidence, by Thomas Dalton

The Recovery of Human Fat in the Cremation Pits, by Carlo Mattogno

The “Report on Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen” (Prisoner’s Report) of 12 June 1945, by Klaus Schwensen

Review: The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 , by Ralph Raico

Review: Republican Party Animal, by Chip Smith

Richard A. Widmann

“Did she come from Poland to pick potatoes or molest the minds of children?”

On the topic of esteemed liar Kitty Hart-Moxon (OBE)  Henry gives his thoughts:

England is blessed to have such an esteemed liar. Did she come from Poland to pick potatoes or molest the minds of children?

It must be the latter as the Crown is rather fond of giving honours to perverts of body and soul….Lord Grovel Janner is another….

Who was Furkan Dogan?


An anonymous person answers the question: “Who was Furkan Dogan?”

He was a 19 year old unarmed American citizen who was shot 5 times at close range by Israeli soldiers. One time in the back of the head, one bullet to the face, one in the back and twice in the leg.

I’m sure he was attacking the soldiers in three different directions all at once especially with the third arm that grew out of his back, so don’t worry about it.


So, apparently he’s “just another goy” murdered by the Jews..

Eric Hunt reacts to David Cole’s views on Treblinka

Eric Hunt talks WWII revisionism and reacts to David Cole’s view on Treblinka. [Download]

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The Holocaust in Gaza

Mr. Friedrich Paul Berg tells us:

There is a possibility of a real holocaust in Gaza today, largely condoned by the ordinary man on the street, because of belief in the holocaust hoax.. That is the price the world is paying right now for the greatest hoax in history. And, the price will become much higher. It will probably include WWIII.

The obscene racist lunacy which is Judaism was in serious decline u-n-t-i-l the alleged “extermination” of the Jews in WWII gripped the shabby consciences of many people. Suddenly, Judaism got a huge burst of adrenaline and was reinvigorated as never before. Today, Jewish racism is embraced practically as a kind of compensation for the horrors inflicted on supposedly “innocent” Jews by the “evil” Nazis. End result: Jewish racism is OK and supported in every possible way by the west, whereas every other kind of racism is denounced and attacked. As Golda Meir said after the Eichmann Trial: “after this, no one can tell us anything.”

So, the horrors we see on our TV’s every day go back to the holocaust hoax. Netanyahu knows perfectly well that he can get away with anything by invoking the “holocaust”.

If you ever want to see real peace in the Mid East, stop lying about the so-called “holocaust.” It is all bunk just like Judaism itself, or Christianity, or Islam, or any other kind of religious lunacy.


NOTE: I edited the text slightly.

Find Your Fight

Below is parts of Nate Miyaki’s writing “Find Your Fight” published in 2013 at T NATION (Testosterone Nation):

The path to success lies in the purpose, not the person. We’re all capable of great things. Ordinary men that had a purpose have achieved great things. Extraordinarily gifted men with no mission have chronically underachieved. Society provides plenty of examples of both.

Rule #1: Find what you’re fighting for.

Rule #2: First learn rule #1. Everything else is just details.

BPjM MD5 hashes + plaintext

The list of URLs for the BPjMleak, MD5 hash + plaintext of URLs. VHO, the old CODOH domain (, OTOH, personal website of Germar Rudolf and other sites are in the list — drenched among dirty porn sites and others..

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Berg’s Challenges to Debate — NOT “bogus” at all!

From Mr. Berg:

I am quite willing to “debate” Chris Webb and/or almost anyone on the planet. I suspect, however, that Chris Webb–whoever he is–has enough brains to know he will lose any debate with me about gas chambers–and that is really why he and nearly all of my likely opponents, including David Irving, will remain silent about my challenge. Perhaps I will simply go away. Someday, I certainly will go away–but not yet.

The holocaust true-believers have already lost the debate–and hard. The issues are clear enough today for everyone willing to look at the “evidence” and the revisionist arguments, especially my own. More revisionist evidence is emerging almost every day. Stay tuned for more stunning videos from Eric Hunt and others.

Roberto Muehlenkamp was the best defender of the hoax that the holocaust true-believers are ever likely to find. He was in general a far better “debater” than I am–but, he lost because his entire position was, and is, so thoroughly flawed and bogus. Muehlenkamp crushed himself. As skilled and tenacious as he was, Muehlenkamp could not make gold out of horseshit.

Friedrich Paul Berg
Learn everything at
Nazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!

Kill the Hoax — Give generously!

I rec’d this from Mr. Berg five minutes ago:

Help Revisionist Video Start-ups Kill the HOAX!

Put a stake through the heart of the most horrendous pack of racist lies ever. We can do it with enough help from you! Let us kill the holocaust monster once and for all–not just for you but for all those you love and care about including many future generations. Holocaust revisionism has libraries of irrefutable evidence–but holocaust zombies like Steven Spielberg and the USHMM still have vast resources to spread their filth through the mass media. Internet videos, however, allow revisionists to spread the truth worldwide, today–in spite of everything. Our resources are minuscule but new technology changes the balance of power if we get some help. So, help us, please! Twenty dollar bills without a return address certainly help but do NOT get us far.

I used the word “start-ups” (plural) in the title for this email. Help them all–but for the moment, one start-up stands out which has already produced several stunning videos with more under way. A high-tech revisionist studio with state-of-the-art computers and software and screens is needed and is already being built. Tell all your friends and contacts–but our success depends on you especially. So, please be as generous as you possibly can with a check made out to:

20th Century Hoax

4757 E. Greenway Rd. #107B27
Phoenix, AZ 85032 USA


Friedrich Paul Berg

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Nazi Gassings Never Happened!  Niemand wurde vergast!