Mónus Áron: “Jews murdered gendarmes.”

Mónus Áron wrote in 2006 to me:

I used to write studies for the books which I translate to Hungarian. That is what I have done also in the case of Jérôme and Jean Tharaud’s book entitled ‘Jewish domination in Hungary on the basis of Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’. I always endeavour to make my writings well-founded. For the illustration of this statement I quote now a paragraph from the introduction that I wrote to the book published on the 22nd of October 2003, page 46:

“For a similar reason I recall what happened to three gendarme officers, Oszkár Fery gendarme lieutenant-general, Sándor Borhy and János Menkina gendarme lieutenant-colonels, whom Jews, on the 22nd of April 1919, dreadfully tortured, then murdered and threw into the river Danube. In order to disguise similar outrageous deeds commited by Jews in 1919, at present the Jews insist on their invented whopping lie according to which in 1944 gendarmes carried out unlawful acts against them. The Jews commit crime, they commit the crime of profanation against the members of the Hungarian Royal Gendarmerie, who, with honesty and according to the prescriptions of the law, performed their duties. For his lies with Nobel prize rewarded Imre Kertész also diffuses these lies in his “literary” works: he can’t say concrete thing or names, he speaks only in broad generalities. Nevertheless it is true that Jews, clothed in Hungarian arrow-cross uniform, rallied together other Jews, who were thought to an-hearted, and shot them into the river Danube. In consequence of this the Jews still defame the Hungarians. It is a fact that Jews murdered gendarmes, and gendarmes didn’t murder Jews.”

On the 6th of March 2006, in Budapest, the Supreme Court has passed a sentence such that perfectly corresponds with my text that I have written, in 2003, in the introduction for the above-mentioned book, about the Hungarian Royal Gendarmerie, who, in olden times, always proceeded lawfully against the Jewish criminals.

The moral depravity in Hungary is also characterized by the fact that István Hiller, the Hungarian Socialist Party, the Alliance of Free Democrats, Zoltán Pokorni and the FIDESZ consider the Jewish criminal named Endre Ságvári as their ideal Jew. Streets, schools, institutions are named after Endre Ságvári, for instance in Szeged.

Yours sincerely,
Mónus Áron,

Horst Mahler: Cry for Help!

In 1946 the Allied Military Tribunal at Nuremberg declared itself to be an instrument of “a continuation of the war effort of the Allied nations” against Germany – IMT, XIX, p. 397.
To this day courts in Germany are bound by any of the tribunal’s statements, as codified in the 4+2 treaties of 1990, and cannot challenge their validity. However, this makes a mockery of Germany’s Basic Law (Grundgesetz) that has enshrined “freedom of opinion” as one of its pillars – Section 5.
And so in order to circumvent Section 5 of the Basic Law, Section 130 of the Criminal Law (Strafgesetzbuch) was enacted, which enables authorities to put on trial anybody who disputes the holocaust hypothesis. This “specific Holocaust law” also offends against the UN’s Universal Declaration Of Human Rights as well as the Declaration of the United Nations Council for Human Rights 2011, which states that, “publication of opinions about historical facts are not to be penalized”, under any circumstances. Thus the German courts still act in “continuation of the war effort of the Allied nations” of World War 2.

Lawyer Horst Mahler was convicted to 10 years and five months in prison for the non-violent assertion of an historical thesis, thereby allegedly violating §130 on three counts.
Horst Mahler is 79 years old and has been imprisoned since 2009. Without a doubt Horst Mahler certainly belongs to Germany’s most educated and most powerful contemporary thinkers and philosophers.
It is owing to his intellect, his wealth of ideas and his courage that he was considered to be a danger to the political establishment and that he needed to be locked away for the rest of his life.
In contrast the imprisoned Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo, has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace!


During his time in prison Horst Mahler’s health was so badly neglected by the prison authorities that he had to be placed in intensive medical care where it was decided that his left leg was to be amputated. This has done nothing to improve his position however. At this point his health has now reached such a critical state that the authorities are preparing for his imminent death by making plans to suppress any resulting demonstrations by the German people.
It must be noted that Horst Mahler had applied for release on parole after completing two thirds of the sentence, which is regularly granted to any criminal after completion of half of their sentence.
Horst Mahler is financially destitute and cannot afford a lawyer to take his action into court.
However he did succeed in publishing a cry for help from prison:

Dear friends,
For a long time I hesitated asking for help. But now my life is at stake.
My left leg has been amputated and the doctors struggle to avoid further losses.
Eventually one lawyer agreed to run my defence in court. However, since I am financially ruined, I cannot pay him.
Furthermore, my application for release on parole has to be funded.

In addition, upon my release from prison a certain transformation of my home would be necessary to allow for the life of a disabled.

Please help! Many thanks in advance!


Horst Mahler is still in serious danger. We ask you to make a sacrifice for his rescue from certain death.
Please use any possible means to inform media, authorities and so-called human right organizations, and please forward this message to all of your contacts.

Mustardman goes bananas: “it should ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT be allowed!”


Incidentally his last comment on that “bug report” is also his funniest one:

Seeing the number of containers on a node should ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT be allowed! If there is enough interest to make it a feature (I highly doubt there is) someone can enable fine but NO WAY should container owners ever be able to see this kind of information on the node by default.

Please add this patch to the kernel asap.


Source: https://bugzilla.openvz.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3234

In Memory of Adolf Hitler

Dear Friends,

Knut Hamsun, Norwegian author and recipient of the Nobel Prize (in the 1920s — at a time when it was still “prestigious”), wrote in May 1, 1945, a memorial to Adolf Hilter which was printed in Aftenposten, Norway’s largest newspaper. Following is a translation in English, as nearly as possible, his words:

I am not worthy to be vociferous about Adolf Hitler. Any sentimental words I use cannot describe his life and activities.

He was a warrior for mankind and a believer in the gospel of right for all. His historical destiny was that he acted and worked as a reformist of the highest rank in a time of unparalleled brutality which, in the end, felled him. And in remembrance, his closest followers, and Western Europeans, all should see Adolf Hitler in this manner.

Jan27.org Committee Announcement

A brief announcement from the “Jan27.org Committee”:

We’re soon nearing the end of December and into January. Please have a look at the following site — jan27.org — and realize that 2015 is the 70th Anniversary year of the so-called “lie-beration” of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp by the Soviet Red Army and the Soviet Political Commissars.

Although the Red Army arrived in January 1945, the exact date is not known, nor were there very many inmates to “liberate.” The Germans had evacuated the camp on or around the 18th of January, leaving behind some 7000 hospital patients, under the care of doctors and nurses, and those unable for other reasons to undertake the day-long march to Gleiwitz. [Once there, the marchers rested a couple of days before taking a train to Buchenwald or some other work-camp destination.]

When the Red Army came upon the mostly empty camp (more like around Jan 20th), they simply continued on “toward Berlin” while the political operatives entered the camp and began assessing how to use it for propaganda purposes. They had “liberated” the abandoned Majdanek camp outside Lublin six months before, and now they had another opportunity to create an even bigger propaganda story.

That is all the so-called liberation of Auschwitz really is. But The Holocaust Industry, led by the United Nations, the Polish government and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum will be making a huge hulabaloo in 2015 because it is the 70th Anniversary of this non-event.

This entire website, jan27.org, is devoted to explaining to you what Auschwitz-Birkenau-Monowitz really was and what actually took place there. Look at the menu items across the top of the page, under the banner, and select one that you want to learn about. You will find the essential information you need to know, written by some of the best revisionist scholars in the world.

Watch the videos; they tell the story of Auschwitz-Birkenau and only this camp, no other. That is because Auschwitz was made the center of the “Holocaust” from the beginning, at the Nuremberg Tribunal; thus if the Auschwitz legends are not true, then none of it is true.

Kudos to those of you who have the courage and intellectual curiosity to assess and judge information based on its merits rather than simply indulge in hysterical “victor propaganda” without ever digging in deeper to see it for what it actually is, just plain propaganda and lies. You can find out much more about it all by visiting our site for more information — be sure to invite your friends as well: http://jan27.org/

Web Page: http://jan27.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jan27Committee
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Be sure to like the “Jan27 Committee” on Facebook:

A taste of Allied “liberation”…

Courtesy of TheBlackRabbitofInlé.

A notable element of the postwar camp system was the prevalence of sexual assault as well as ritualized sexual humiliation and punishment suffered by female inmates. Women survivors of German concentration camps have recalled that, notwithstanding the unrestrained brutality that pervaded most other aspects of daily life, rape or other forms of sexual maltreatment at the hands of their guards was an extremely rare occurrence, and severely punished by the authorities if detected. After the war, in contrast, the Red Cross recorded that the sexual abuse of female detainees by their captors was pervasive and systematic. This verdict was confirmed by Czechoslovak and Polish witnesses themselves. A foreign observer of two Czech camps in August 1945 noted that women in the first were “treated like animals. Russian and Czech soldiers come in search of women for purposes which can be imagined. Conditions there for women are definitely more unfavourably than in the German concentration camps, where cases of rape were rare.” In the second, nightly parties were organized in which “fifteen or so young girls would await the arrival of visitors”; Czech and Soviet soldiers would “take away the prettiest girls, who would often disappear without trace.” Jean Duchosal, secretary general of the CICR, reported that girls were often raped at the Matejovce camp in Slovakia when he visited it in November 1945, and that beatings were daily occurrences. The same was true of Patrónka. The British Army received several independent reports of the guards at Riđica labor camp, a subcamp of Sombor in the Baĉka region of Yugoslavia, freely admitting “soldiers and any other person wishing to ‘enjoy’ himself” for similar purposes.

Sexual exploitation was no less prevalent in Poland. Jaworzno, as a pair of official inspections in May and August 1945 revealed, functioned as a sexual supermarket for its 170-strong militia guard contingent, whose practice, Antoni Białecki of the local Office of Public Security reported, was to “take Volksdeutsch women at gunpoint home at night and rape them.” At Potulice, one of the largest Polish camps for German internees, the sexual humiliation of female prisoners had become an institutional practice by the end of 1945. New inmates of both sexes were shaved of all body and head hair upon arrival, supposedly as a hygienic measure. “The women had for that purpose to lie on two stools and to spread their legs wide apart so that their body hairs could be removed. The shaving was done by men, and the whole procedure was watched by the Polish officials and militia men.” Beatings during the nightly room inspections, or “controls,” were administered “if possible on the naked body. If a woman was suffering badly during her days [menstrual periods] and asked not to be beaten so hard this time, the men asked her to prove it, and there was nothing left to her but to show it, if she didn’t want to get a worse beating.” In the penal gangs, male detainees were occasionally forced to simulate sexual intercourse with the females for the amusement of camp guards.65 Some of the punishments could result in horrific injuries. A male inmate of Potulice witnessed one procedure in which the victim was forced to perch in a sitting position on the leg of an upturned stool in such a way that the full weight of her body fell upon her perineum. Serious physical harm, including genital and anal lacerations, often resulted. In Czechoslovakia, too, a Prague police report of June 1945 mentioned that Revolutionary Guards were in the habit of “exposing women’s body parts and burning them with lighted cigarettes.”

Source: Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans After the Second World War by Prof. R. M. Douglas. pp. 148-149.


Remember children, the Allies were “the Good guys”. Right?? Well, no. They were not.