Torture disguised as "interrogation." As dumb as Dick Cheney, George Tenet and most Americans truly are, I am sure even they realized rather quickly they were getting worthless blah-blah from waterboarding and "rectal rehydration." So, why did they do it? I can't prove it, at least not yet--but, I think they were feeding their sadistic urges. From their "exceptional" and self-righteous mind set, why not torture these guys? Heck, they weren't even Christians. They must have been "evil." However, if they had ever wanted to see true evil, all they had to do was look in any mirror. ISIS is synonymous today with evil. But, from the ISIS point of view, which is almost a mirage image of American righteousness, they are doing God's work. They are all NUTS--and the world will pay a heavy price to achieve some sanity.
- Friedrich Paul Berg, RODOH, December 2014