The truth will inspire a revolution

From Friedrich Paul Berg:

As to how many more Jewish testimonies there must be to undermine the holocaust hoax, I am sure the numbers are enormous and we have only unearthed a small percentage. Many more have already been discovered but a major source of info is the German government which has been paying many billions of dollars to m-i-l-l-i-o-n-s of “survivors” since the war. Exactly who those “survivors” were and where they spent the war was all recorded. That data is, however, hidden from researchers, not just revisionists, and will continue to be hidden from the German people even though they have an inalienable right to know to whom their money has been given and why. New whistle blowers are needed.

The truth will inspire a revolution. The pro-Jewish elites in Germany, and Europe generally, as well as the USA are determined to NOT let that happen. Shame on them all!