The true reason for the Zionist ‘declaration of war’ on Germany in 1933..

J. G. Burg (Joseph Ginsberg), author of many books (“Schuld und Schicksal”, “Zionazi”, “Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank”, “Auschwitz in alle Ewigkeit” etc.) explains the true reason for the Zionist ‘declaration of war’ on Germany in 1933:

“I remember the article,” I said. “Samuel Untermeyer of the World Jewish Congress declared a boycott of all German goods. Did this mean that there was a conflict between the Territorial Zionists and the International Zionists?”

“No,” he said. “The Zionists were only making sure that German foreign trade would remain under their control, as they had done with Germany in World War I. They made the blockade and broke it themselves. No one else was allowed to do that, so it was really a Zionist monopoly of German trade.”

“What, in your opinion, was the reason for the Zionist ‘declaration of war’ on Germany in 1933, only a month after Hitler’s election as Chancellor?” I asked.

“The Zionists (and all other jews, I thought) never do anything for only one reason,” he said. “Their declaration of war was given with at least a twofold purpose. One reason was their hatred of Hitler’s economic program and his intention of nationalizing the Bank of Germany, which was owned by the Rothschilds, as are all so-called national banks today.”

“So you agree that the Rothschilds and their bankster stooges control the creation of money for the entire world,” I said.

“Yes,” he smiled grimly. “Their ‘tekla mekla’ money is created out of nothing and they charge interest on it!”

“What would be another reason for the Zionists’ declaration of war on Germany?” I asked.

“To conceal their collaboration with the Nazis,” he said.


Source: An Interview With JOSEF GINSBURG by Eric Thomson