The Nazis and SS shared their meager food, medicine, housing and much more with the Jews—even until the very last days of the war! The misery and deaths of thousands, Jews and non-Jews, in many of the camps at the end of the war were among the Allies' greatest achievements. Mass starvation of Germany (by naval blockade, initially) followed by disease had been among the principal goals of British, and later American, “strategy” from the beginning—and amazingly, some Jews died as well. Mass murder of innocent civilians from the air (bombing and strafing) was almost continuous during the last months of the war, weather permitting. The victors have nothing to be proud of. If Americans really want to find depraved “mass murderers,” they need only look at themselves in the mirror. Ultimately, all that holocaust propaganda and “scholarship” really proves is that when Hitler tried to expel Jews from Germany forever, he certainly had the right idea. For many people, World War 2 was the “Good War” as Studs Terkel, a typical award-winning Jew, tells us with his book of the same name. The truth is that Jews were the ultimate victors—but, what should seem more surprising is that Jews are still seen as the greatest “victims” ever. As far as what really happened to them, Jews have nothing to complain about. Some of them did die just like everyone else—and, why not? It was their war to begin with.
- Friedrich Paul Berg, CODOH