I have been telling friends and family that I predict within 15 to 20 years large parts of what is currently called and forcibly understood as 'the Holocaust' will be seen as containing within it a grand deception, injustice and colossal mass-delusion. But I now think that with this kind of evidence which you linked to here Black Rabbit, that may happen sooner, in the next five to ten years. There will of course be 'true-believers' who will never be able to deal with and accept the reality of which this excellent research is a part. But they will die out and future generations who won't have had the same level of decades of relentless one-sided, out-of-context, manipulative indoctrination will be able to assess the facts more unemotionally and reasonably. Prior to the internet, most of us were without access to a more unbiased and accurate understanding, and had little to no possible chance of checking the primary documents for ourselves and making our own minds up informatively. People like Rassinier, Christopherson, Stäglich, Zündel, Faurrison, Rudolf, Butz, Cole, Berg, Jansson, Graf, Mottagno, Irving, Reynouard, and all the other courageous and diligent souls will go down in history as victims of an attempt at criminally oppressive thought control and as pioneers in accurate history revising.
- been-there, RODOH, 2015