Rudolf Höß and his peculiar “confession”

been-there talks about Rudolf Höß and the latter’s peculiar “confession”:

Rudolf Höß “confessed” that an “extermination camp” was already operational at Treblinka in SPRING 1941.I.e. built and operational even before that time.
Höß “confessed” to visiting Treblinka himself in the Spring of 1941 and witnessing Jews being gassed there. He says he went thereto learn how to build a similar but better extermination centre at Auschwitz. He “confessed” that after witnessing Treblinka and improving on the system[atic?] “mass executions by gassing commenced during the summer 1941” there in Auschwitz.

Höß also “confessed” that he visited Treblinka to learn how gassings were conducted there in the Spring of 1942 and witnessed Jews being gassed.
He “confessed” that the Kommandant of Treblinka told him at that time that he had mass-murdered 80,000 ‘Jews’ via homicidal gassings in the period of the previous six months, i.e. since the Autumn of 1941.

But the official and currently accepted ‘holocaust’ narrative is that Treblinka II and the alleged gas chambers was not built then. Not in Spring 1941, not in Autumn 1941, and not in the Spring of 1942.

The official and currently accepted ‘holocaust’ narrative is that gas-chambers at Treblinka II were only built in the summer of 1942 and were first used on July 23rd 1942.

There are great many other more minor discrepancies. But this one of chronology is quite major.
He “confessed” in many separate related particulars and on numerous different occasions to it being an ‘extermination camp’ and operational in the gassing of ‘jewish’ victims fifteen months too early!


The absence of railroad schedules


The key to understand that is the almost complete absence of railroad
schedules and other details to the East of the Greater Reich, i.e. into
basically Bielorussia & the Baltic zone from the transit camps such as
Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor, all of them placed squarely on the
frontier limit of the Greater Reich.

Note that I’m not saying simply that there are no “relevant”
indications. What I’m saying is the whole railroad documentation that
ought to be there has vanished in a strange way. You have plenty of
information inside the Reich. Absolutely nothing outside. Not
“inconvenient information” but plainly “no information at all”.

But if you have any experience of talking to “survivors” you’ll have
heard lots of them telling you how their grandparents were taken from
Central Germany or Bohemia or what have you into the giant ghetto /
labor camp of Maly Trostynets near Minsk or into Kaisernhof near Riga

A few of those missing train schedules have appeared on Mattogno’s
Treblinka book and confirm the transfers into the Eastern territories,
but why would all the railroad data have vanished from view in such a
nearly complete way?

Well, I certainly can guess why…

Source: k0nsl-archives, 4/18/06.

Eric Hunt reacts to David Cole’s views on Treblinka

Eric Hunt talks WWII revisionism and reacts to David Cole’s view on Treblinka. [Download]

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Benjamin Gessel: “You cannot rewrite history!”

An upset Benjamin Gessel (✡) says we cannot rewrite history. But as any normal person knows, history is constantly revised and rewritten — it’s the way it works and always will work, I hope. Alas, as the history is his beloved Holoshlock he says it cannot and must not be rewritten :)

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Treblinka – A transit camp

For those interested in the Treblinka transit camp should probably want to read Richard Glazar’s story regarding his stint at Treblinka. Glazar inadvertently let the “cat out of the bag” when he said in his interview:

La: “The people from your transport?”
Gl: “Those weren’t the belongings from that transport, the one we came with. But on one place I saw piled up suitcases with the letter Bs, Bt …, transports which preceded ours and went further to the East.”

Yes… “…went further to the East.”
Glazar was held back at Treblinka to do labor duty at the camp while the rest of the people “…went further to the East.”.

[NOTE: This information comes from Rollo “The Ganger”]