The Witcher 3: A “sneak peak” for Goybbels!

There is one particularly awful scene in this game which may “upset” certain individuals in #frantech. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of them may be upset at it! However, don’t fret! I found another much more pleasant scene which is bound to arouse the attention of my friend Goybbels.
The question is: will it receive the “stamp of approval” from Goybbels, or not?

The game contains exquisite graphics — I cannot remember seeing graphics this good before. The little I’ve seen of this game so far, well, it has got me excited and I want to play it. As of now I have only done a very brief run-around to see how it played and how it looked. All settings were set to “ultra”.

I would recommend the game from the little I’ve seen so far. One issue for PC users, that I noticed, were the controls: it would be wise to invest in a controller. All the combos and such, demands for a keyboard ninja. At least that’s true for me…but then again, despite what people say; I’m not much of a goymer. I play only whenever I have a desire and time for it – which is very rare, to be honest…