The Holocaust Debunked Once and for All

This video set’s focus on debunking the so-called ‘holocaust’, aptly titled “The Holocaust Debunked Once and for All”. The clip itself is being discussed on the CODOH Revisionist Forum, here.

There is nothing really exciting with the video: perhaps it would have been if I hadn’t already seen everything in it so many times already. I mean, for a person who is absolutely new to the issue, I’m sure it would be very interesting. The video features mostly clips and photographs cobbled together to compliment the storyline as created by the narrator. The narration — with it’s content — isn’t bad: I applaud his effort. If given more time and much practice, I’m sure he could make a very decent video one day. If nothing else, he should definitively make use of his narrating skills.


I should like to note that I made an error above when I complemented this individual on his narration. The author of the clip did not narrate even a couple of seconds himself; it’s all material borrowed from other individuals and the viewer (particularly so-called “newbies”) is left with the inescapable conclusion that this clip must be a grand creation by “The Black Moth” himself. But that’s not true at all.
At any rate, at least he’s doing something to hopefully awaken others and that is commendable in itself.