A taste of Allied “liberation”…

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A notable element of the postwar camp system was the prevalence of sexual assault as well as ritualized sexual humiliation and punishment suffered by female inmates. Women survivors of German concentration camps have recalled that, notwithstanding the unrestrained brutality that pervaded most other aspects of daily life, rape or other forms of sexual maltreatment at the hands of their guards was an extremely rare occurrence, and severely punished by the authorities if detected. After the war, in contrast, the Red Cross recorded that the sexual abuse of female detainees by their captors was pervasive and systematic. This verdict was confirmed by Czechoslovak and Polish witnesses themselves. A foreign observer of two Czech camps in August 1945 noted that women in the first were “treated like animals. Russian and Czech soldiers come in search of women for purposes which can be imagined. Conditions there for women are definitely more unfavourably than in the German concentration camps, where cases of rape were rare.” In the second, nightly parties were organized in which “fifteen or so young girls would await the arrival of visitors”; Czech and Soviet soldiers would “take away the prettiest girls, who would often disappear without trace.” Jean Duchosal, secretary general of the CICR, reported that girls were often raped at the Matejovce camp in Slovakia when he visited it in November 1945, and that beatings were daily occurrences. The same was true of Patrónka. The British Army received several independent reports of the guards at Riđica labor camp, a subcamp of Sombor in the Baĉka region of Yugoslavia, freely admitting “soldiers and any other person wishing to ‘enjoy’ himself” for similar purposes.

Sexual exploitation was no less prevalent in Poland. Jaworzno, as a pair of official inspections in May and August 1945 revealed, functioned as a sexual supermarket for its 170-strong militia guard contingent, whose practice, Antoni Białecki of the local Office of Public Security reported, was to “take Volksdeutsch women at gunpoint home at night and rape them.” At Potulice, one of the largest Polish camps for German internees, the sexual humiliation of female prisoners had become an institutional practice by the end of 1945. New inmates of both sexes were shaved of all body and head hair upon arrival, supposedly as a hygienic measure. “The women had for that purpose to lie on two stools and to spread their legs wide apart so that their body hairs could be removed. The shaving was done by men, and the whole procedure was watched by the Polish officials and militia men.” Beatings during the nightly room inspections, or “controls,” were administered “if possible on the naked body. If a woman was suffering badly during her days [menstrual periods] and asked not to be beaten so hard this time, the men asked her to prove it, and there was nothing left to her but to show it, if she didn’t want to get a worse beating.” In the penal gangs, male detainees were occasionally forced to simulate sexual intercourse with the females for the amusement of camp guards.65 Some of the punishments could result in horrific injuries. A male inmate of Potulice witnessed one procedure in which the victim was forced to perch in a sitting position on the leg of an upturned stool in such a way that the full weight of her body fell upon her perineum. Serious physical harm, including genital and anal lacerations, often resulted. In Czechoslovakia, too, a Prague police report of June 1945 mentioned that Revolutionary Guards were in the habit of “exposing women’s body parts and burning them with lighted cigarettes.”

Source: Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans After the Second World War by Prof. R. M. Douglas. pp. 148-149.


Remember children, the Allies were “the Good guys”. Right?? Well, no. They were not.