I say we vote k0nsl out

[00:04] <@slashsux> fuck man
[00:04] <@slashsux> k0nsl barely contributes. I mean fuck k0nsl.
[00:04] <@slashsux> I say we vote k0nsl out
[00:04] <@slashsux> he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t use drugs, he provides an ircd that can barely stay together.
[00:04] <@slashsux> jesus christ

[00:05] <@slashsux> im just joking k0nsl

slash: “is that what makes you happy?”

The song ‘SS Marschiert in Feindesland’ was playing in #downabeer earlier today and here’s what subsequently unfolded on IRC (irc.k0nsl.org) in #thehax:

[19:14] <@slashsux> wtf is this shit
[19:14] <@slashsux> barney
[19:14] <@barney> ?
[19:15] <@k0nsl> he is making meatballs on cam
[19:15] <@slashsux> what is this nazi shit
[19:15] <@k0nsl> wtf, it’s terrific!
[19:15] <@slashsux> fuck you
[19:15] <@k0nsl> you too buddy!
[19:15] <@k0nsl> :D
[19:16] <@k0nsl> he was just trying to cheer me up :(
[19:16] <@kollek> lol
[19:16] <@slashsux> is that what makes you happy?
[19:16] <@k0nsl> ofc
[19:16] <@slashsux> ffs