Leo Yankevich Epilogue

Although the end seems near
(your neighbourhood and race
gone to the dogs), my dear,
dear reader—do not cower
in fear; stand up and face
the dogs! In you the power
remains to save the West.
Put down your childless Spengler
who spawned two books at best.
Better to heed the deeds
of a forsaken prisoner
like Hess, or charge on steeds
like John Sobieski, steady
in soul; to follow Lee’s
Rebs into battle, ready
for a certain death,
than to live on with fleas
upon your blood and breath.

Source: https://youtu.be/iEOcLctGHvs

https://media.k0nsl.org/Leo Yankevich Epilogue.mp4 [Download]

Rudolf Hess: His last words before final jugdment

His last words before the IMT:

Those statements which my defense counsel made in my name before the High Tribunal I let rest because of the sentence, and for history and for my people. That is the only thing which counts with me. I am not defending myself against my accusers, whom I deny the right to accuse me and my fellow countrymen. I will not deal with accusations which concern things which are purely German matters and therefore are of no concern to foreigners. I am not protesting against statements which are directed at attacking my honour or the honour of the German people. I consider such accusations made against me by the enemy as a sign of honour.

It was my pleasure that many years of my life were spent in working under the greatest son which my people produced in its history of 1,000 years. Even if I could, I would not want to expunge this period of time from my life. I am happy to know that I have done my duty to my country and my people, and my duty as a German, as a National Socialist, and as a loyal follower of my Führer. I do not regret anything.

If I were once more at the beginning, I should act once more the way I did act, even if I knew that at the end I should meet death on a bonfire. No matter what human beings might do, some day I shall be before the judgment seat of the Almighty. I shall be responsible to him, and I know he will call me innocent.

Source:  from the final plea of Rudolf Hess at the “IMT” in Nuremberg.

Now it is high time every body knew about Hitler's immediate deputy Rudolf Hess who was a good man. All he tried [to do] was to stop the war spiralling out of control, effectively trying to end it. He was not a killer and did not commit any war crimes.
- Ajit Vadakayil