Gerd Honsik: Farewell to Germany’s Horses

At the end of WWII, Germany’s horses completed their last and greatest task, rescuing German families from the advancing Red Army. A ballad by revisionist hero and poet Gerd Honsik.

Translation by Kladderadatsch (2015) of “Abschied von Deutschlands Pferden” from the book “Der Blumenkrieg” by Gerd Honsik. The original can be read online at… (the poem starts on p. 25).

Even the "hundred thousand" figure for those reported missing must be an under-estimate. There were over half a million homeless refugees in the streets of Dresden, fleeing the Red Army siege of Breslau to the East. Whole refugee families must have been engulfed by the Dresden holocaust, with nobody surviving to report them as "missing".
- David Irving, Radical's Diary, April 24, 2009 (Friday)