Raul Hilberg’s Admission (censored from PBS)

I found this via David Cole. You can read more about David Cole here and here. For the full segment related to this [censored] admission of Raul Hilberg, see this link.

As for Raul Hilberg: you can watch him being demolished in a Canadian court, here.

Benjamin Gessel: “You cannot rewrite history!”

An upset Benjamin Gessel (✡) says we cannot rewrite history. But as any normal person knows, history is constantly revised and rewritten — it’s the way it works and always will work, I hope. Alas, as the history is his beloved Holoshlock he says it cannot and must not be rewritten :)

NOTE: I wrote the reply/comment on YouTube in haste (as always) so there could be error in grammar and formatting. It’s not as if the comment section at YouTube is of much importance, anyway. Not to me. A quick reply with the essentials will suffice.