b0b: “Yeah sorry I forgot you are the tolerance police”

<RaGe[]> i already say dood and whoa too much as it is and i dont even do drugs
<RaGe[]> if i did i’d literally turn retarded
<RaGe[]> although i’d probably get laid a lot more often since id be all like whoaaaaa hey baby without shame
<b0b> thats like saying “i dont want to try alcohol but i’ll definately try anal”
<b0b> (with a dude was implied)
<RaGe[]> rofl
<Digerati> (not that there’s anything wrong with that)
<b0b> yeah sorry i forgot you were the tolerance police

godric: “k0nsl you drunk?”

<godric> k0nsl you drunk?
<RaGe[]> prolly
* RaGe[] eats the bowl
<godric> lol!
<godric> RaGe[] is consuming all my good stuff
* godric fixes himself another drink
<RaGe[]> heh ;P
<godric> RaGe[] I must warn you about Digerati. He sometimes likes to get things on cam.
<RaGe[]> good thing we’re unmonitored
<godric> :o


This is funny because k0nsl doesn’t drink — since more than two years back. Well, nothing  containing alcohol, anyway.

“k0nsl told me not to like jews”

* RaGe[] (~RaGe@spitzentechnologie.b94b80f4.hetzjagd.k0nsl.org) has joined
<kollek> k0nsl told me I shouldn’t  like jews so I don’t, and I told him not to trust any niggers except RaGe[]
<k0nsl> Anywaaaaay
<RaGe[]> ;>
<k0nsl> lol kollek
<slashsux> lol
<RaGe[]> goddamned racists
* kollek gives channel operator status to RaGe[]
<slashsux> HAHAHA

illy: “wtf do I look like Digerati?”

[16:18] * b0b (~b0b@spitzentechnologie.9485e887.hetzjagd.k0nsl.org) has joined #thehax
[16:19] <b0b> wut?
[16:54] <@RaGe[]> wurd
[17:14] <@illy> sup
[17:14] <@illy> ‘would you rather suck Julian Assange until he came, or do sallad tossing with Edward Snowden?’
[17:14] <@illy> wtf do i look like Digerati
[17:25] <b0b> obviously
[17:25] <b0b> a faggot
[17:46] <@RaGe[]> rofl
[18:32] <@k0nsl_> rifk
[18:33] <@k0nsl_> that’s quotable.