With Jews We Lose!

WITH JEWS controlling our media of news and entertainment, WE LOSE.

WITH JEWS controlling the banks of America and the world WE LOSE.

WITH JEWS manipulating and controlling our government WE LOSE.

Robert Ransdell proclaims that the time for basic losing is over, now we start to name the Jew, stand up for our people, and WE WIN.


Bravo, Mr. Ransdell! Thank you for having the guts to tell the truth — many are too coward these days to talk about the root cause to most of our problems, but not you.

Swedish politician slammed for posting Duke video

Dayana Jadarian — who is running for Swedish parliament and calls herself ‘smart, sharp and gorgeous’ on Twitter — said she was unaware David Duke was a former Ku Klux Klan leader [NOTE from k0nsl: that was about twenty years ago, or some such], though it claimed on the post she agreed with his controversial views.

Ramsey sounds like he’s afraid to even touch upon the ‘jewish question’. I guess it all boils down to money and fear, because if he spoke the truth about jews — which he cryptically does on rare occasions — he looses subscribers. So he therefore must sidestep the most important question of all times: the root cause of every major problem in the world, which are created by mainly jews….

Conclusion? Ramsey is what he call other people: a “pussy”.

They surprise me, all those Jews along with all the people who live in the panicky fear that they have, and rightly so, of those whom I call “the Jewish-Jews”. They think I can be intimidated; however I can say that, although I have often felt fear, discouragement, anxiety, I have never known timidity.
- Prof. Robert Faurisson, "The case of Gregory Chelli (alias Ulcan)"

The Documentary that has Rocked the Internet!

Despite all attempts to quietly suppress this documentary…
Censored by You Tube – Censored by Facebook – Censored by I Tunes – Censored by Vimeo

Adolf Hitler – The greatest story Never told! The 26 part series shows the indisputable truth on how YOU and the rest of the world have been lied to by the victors of WW2. The evil control of the world today and those responsible, is at last revealed in a 6.5 hour epic that will rock your world!

When it comes to the myth of ‘the solidarity of the white race’, it is a complete utopia that leads not only to the Holocaust of the Jews, but also to a genocide of the Slavs. The remains of the Third Reich are a basis for this miserable, contradictory and completely false conception. The Anglo-Saxon world is one sociopolitical and cultural reality. The inhabitants of Central Europe are something different. The Eastern world of Orthodox Christianity and Slavs is a third reality. I am certain that many non-white peoples of Eurasia are a thousand fold closer to us in spirit and culture than Americans.
- Alexander Dugin, “The Magic Disillusion of a Nationalist Intellectual“