In late 1944 or early 1945, Karl Lill — a Czech Communist who, with Langbein, served as Wirths’s prisoner secretary [at Auschwitz] — sent a note to Eduard Wirths asking the chief doctor to prevent a Nazi plan (that Lill and others had heard of originating in the Political Department) to kill all prisoners. In another letter Lill told how, at their last meeting, Wirths urged him “with tearful eyes” to join the prisoners’ evacuation because he was convinced that should Lill remain in Auschwitz the Russians would kill him."
- Robert Lifton, Nazi doctors (pp. 390-391)
If this keeps up, the number of gas chambers may someday eclipse even the number of MEMORIALS to the victims of the Holocaust! The damn things are EVERYWHERE!
- Jett Rucker, Scrapbookpages Blog, Forget Sobibor — a new gas chamber has been found at Dachau
[...] I see no objective evidence whatever of mass-murder or the device(s) used to carry it out! They find...something...anything, and automatically it is "evidence" of their "holocaust." No scientifically-minded, thinking person who wasn't previously inclined via decades of propaganda/atrocity stories and/or an ideological agenda, to see mass-homicide in a handful of trinkets(that we still haven't actually seen), one suspiciously pristine ring, a scrap or two of bone(belonging to God only knows who), and a few concrete slabs where buildings are known to have existed would see this as evidence of it once being a murder factory where as many as a quarter-million people are alleged to have been exterminated!
- Inquisitor, CODOH Revisionist Forum, "Gas chamber" discovered at Sobibor