In early 1966, Soviets were already with 2-3 years behind [Wernher] von Braun's team. Even if Korolyov remained alive, he could change nothing with that insufficient financing they had and their dumb Soviet methods of work. Korolyov stole the design of V-2 from von Braun. He was an ordinary thief. Without that, Soviets would not be able to launch the man in space. If Korolyov would steal more from Germans, he would probably land first on the moon - here, I agree with you. Soviets were planning to land on the moon with their ugly and primitive "N-1" having 30 (!) engines, which had been designed by the "genius" Korolyov, by the way. The shape of "N-1" was strikingly similar with that of "Saturn-V". What could that mean? Lastly, Korolyov was at least half-Jew.
- Peter Hedrook in an "internal discussion" with Jan Kamola, 12/30/07