Forget, at least for a moment, the courtroom evidence, documents and the endless lies. The holocaust hoax is all about those horrible pictures and the "psychology of denial." The deniers, however, are NOT the revisionists or the Nazis. The deniers are the Jews and their hired killers, the Allied mass murderers who brought about and drove the horror and carnage in those pictures. Those "deniers" need not accept the truth because they won the war--or, so they want to believe. History, however, grows with time and cannot simply be stopped because of the madness of the moment--or because Jews must be protected. Imprisoning or even murdering every revisionist will not help them. The corpses speak and cry out with a powerful message that destroys the hoax --and ultimately, the hoaxers as well. Jews and Judaism have gone far too far. Ultimately, there is no protection for them--nor should there be.
- Friedrich Paul Berg, Horrible Pictures and the "Psychology of Denial", March 2015
Nowadays people don’t ask for references. They just Google your name. And if you Google my name, all sorts of horrifying things come up: Holocaust denier, Nazi apologist, supporter of terrorism. And no responsible administrator in anything, forget about academia, quite literally even the post office. And that’s literal, that’s not poetic. Even for a job at the post office, they won’t consider you.
- Prof. Norman Finkelstein, 30th January 2014