Yes, and it does not matter what combination they will make up next, there will be always one conclusion - no Zyklon holes - because either their alleged Zyklon holes will be completely nonsensically placed with no plausible explanation for such idiotic placement or, as is the case of today's openings, they will be measured from the walls which did not exist in this room in 1941 and they know very well what walls are under discussion. Their refusal to clearly indicate in the sketch their alleged Zyklon holes, their positions and number is hence quite pathetic dodging which is easy to understand, they know very well that it does not matter what combination they make up, it will never work for the reasons explained leaving aside they do not have much space for their vivid imagination as there were holes which served for morgue/air raid shelter. Hence they are obfuscating the issue claiming "locations and number is uncertain so we cannot show them, but they existed!" to make people believe that mysterious Zyklon holes are there although they are not able to show them. I also find amusing how they threw virtually everything over the board disputing even previously oh so correct today fake openings and Keren et al. report.
- Bob at RODOH, December 2014