I’m not sure if this could be the origin for the various ‘moose’-references made with regards to my person, but here’s how the moose is described:

[…] moose are solitary animals and do not form herds. Although generally slow-moving and sedentary, [the] moose can become aggressive and move surprisingly quickly if angered or startled.

I’m known to be quite sedative (boring), but never a couch potato (so the ‘sedentary’ description fails in this regard). I like solitude.

I find particularly several references to this “moose issue” with regards to myself from one specific individual who used to collects [and put together] information on revisionists, passing along his dossier(s) to obscure jewish groups. He says this:

Pathetic, you sad fucking revisionist troll wanker, K0nsl. Go and get into some argy bargy with a moose.

I had to clean it up somewhat. The man is not sane. This riff-raff who authored the second quote is apparently a big follower of myself, but I’m not particularly flattered by it.