Don't expose yourself to wicked ideas unless you have a good, solid framework that will help you discern the right from the wrong. The human brain is like a sponge - wipe it in muck and it becomes dirty. Dip it in clean water and it absorbs the water and even cleans itself. Be careful what you choose to put your brain in - be careful what you think.
- Kaz, 10/7/2014

Israel and the Palestinians — It’s about Mind Over Matter

Mr. Lawson writes:

Ever since the three Israeli teenagers went missing, police and army units have besieged Palestinian towns and villages in the area; their houses and shops have been ransacked and atrocities have been committed; Gaza has been bombed, and the death toll is still rising, yet international leaders have remained largely silent, when they all know that such reprisals amount to collective-punishment which is a War Crime.

A young Palestinian boy, 16-year-old Mohamed Abu Khdeir, was abducted and killed in a suspected revenge attack by Israelis, on July 2nd. See how Britain’s prime minister reacted to his death.