A cursory glance at Windows 10 Technical Preview

This is a cursory glance at Windows 10 Technical Preview (build 9926). It’s very basic and will only give you a general idea of how it will look compared to Windows 8.1.

I don’t actually discuss anything in the video. It’s just raw footage. A clip I put together in the spur of the moment, as always. So you know what that means ;-)

In reality, I never intended to upload this at all. However, why not?

One reason Microsoft is such a piece of shit is because almost all the Microsoft operating systems (if they can be called that) were developed (or, in reality, bought up or stolen) by Microsoft-Israel. What do people expect but a pile of shit?
- Carlos W. Porter in LETTER NO 9, 2006

SSLv3 vulnerability?

Rumour or not, here it goes: