Mengele was a doctor who saved lives. The crap the Jews and lefties utter about him is crap they use to justify their own heinous actions, it's all psychological. The more monsters they can create, the greater their virtue becomes. Have you not noticed that all the killing they are doing everyday, is always 'kind', 'humanitarian', 'justified' killing? Take for example, leftist filth like Tony 'Miranda' Blair, he has won many awards for his 'humanitarianism'. His hands are red with blood, but he lives like a king, he is a prime example of modern-day western leader. He has got away with his infamy because the public were primed before hand, using the Jewish media to paint the vilest of pictures of the people/countries Jewry had in their scopes. Of course, for the greater part, it was untruths and is all based on the blackest of lies and prior murder, but it does excuse their pathological desires and allows them to get away with their brutal crimes in the eyes of the emaciated, moribund serfs whom they preside over.
- Turpitz, "Mengele sewing children together", CODOH Forum, 2015