While the other races of creatures upon this earth routinely and indeed always pursue their own best interests, our own race does not, and the result of that fact is that we are in full retreat today as a race and are indeed vanishing from the very globe.
- Matt Hale, Fighting the Mental Sickness of our People, 2017
Matt Hale is another one. Didn't agree with everything he said. For one I'm against violence and war. So when a group says the word "war" a lot, it's just not for me or a direction I think things should go. But the FBI Chicago office, under Chertoff set up a spy in Hale's organization. The spy kept suggesting they kill a judge. Finally Hale said "o.k." or "good" in response. Now he's in jail for many years. I could understand it if it was Hale that initiated the whole thing, but it was the FBI mole that initiated it, and suggested it, and Hale just simply said "o.k." or "good." It's unbelievable that Hale then got a huge jail sentence. Hale wore an orange jump suit to the court case. The media never accurately mentioned why. It was because Hale was protesting torture at Abu Ghraib and the orange jump suits they put on the "enemy combatants" there.
- "Anonymous" to k0nsl in 12/26/05 via e-mail