Ursula Haverbeck: How they want the sheeple to see her.

The translation and upload is courtesy of KZ Kladderadatsch:

The historic 2015 interview, as edited by Panorama TV for mass consumption. Watch the 49-minute original and compare!

On the CODOH Revisionist Forum Kladderadatsch writes the following:

I originally meant to do this earlier to coincide with the main release, but I want people to be able to compare the various different versions of the Panorama interview. Apparently Bongen and Haverbeck talked for some four hours back in March: from that taping, the 49-minute “full” interview was created. I’m willing to give ARD and Panorama the benefit of the doubt that the editing on that version was largely neutral, and that the material which was cut was indeed mostly small-talk or digressions and so on, and thus justifiably omitted. However, as some have noted, that 49-minute interview is not in fact what was shown on Panorama last month: rather, a 9-minute edit was aired instead. Curiously, however, Panorama still chose to release the longer version online: one can only suppose they thought that its contents would be still more “damning” to her . . . the irony being, of course, that it turns out the full interview is a remarkably charismatic performance which, a few questionable arguments aside, makes a powerful moral case for the revisionist cause.

Maybe they figured they’d overstepped, I don’t know. But in case anyone were to ask questions where they stand on the matter, they also produced a two-minute dumbed-down version, complete with mournful piano chords and stock-photo images of Bergen-Belsen to drive the point home. It’s a study in media manipulation and Internet-age propaganda. No doubt this is what they were hoping would “go viral.” Short, simplistic, hitting all the right clichés, and without all that pesky evidence from the Commandant Orders!

I originally found the short version on huffingtonpost.de (https://archive.is/GIq6x)–that’s the sort of audience they’re aiming at. And to give them their due, the video counter on the Huff Po page indicates that it’s been viewed more than 170,000 times there. Just a reminder of what the imbalance of media power means to the truth sometimes.

With any luck, I’ll get the 9-minute version worked up sometime this weekend, and then my trilogy will be complete. For now, here’s the MSM’s two-minutes-of-hate special.

Sylvia Stolz “The Reality of Freedom of Expression” Full Speech, Uncut

Kladderadatsch comments on the CODOH Forum « It’s a great speech, and if they’re going to try to send Sylvia to jail for it, I’m going to do my part to make sure as many people hear it as possible. You can help too: spread it around! »

Description as provided by KZ Kladderadatsch:

The historic speech by dissident German lawyer Sylvia Stolz, uncut and fully translated. The speech they want to put Stolz in prison for, the speech they don’t want you to hear.

On 24 November 2012, dissident German lawyer Sylvia Stolz appeared at the eighth annual meeting of the “Anti-Censorship Coalition” in Chur, Switzerland, where she presented a speech entitled “Speech Forbidden, Evidence Forbidden, Legal Defence Forbidden: The Reality of Freedom of Expression” (Sprechverbot, Beweisverbot, Verteidigungsverbot: Die Wirklichkeit der Meinungsfreiheit). This video is a recording of that speech, complete and uncut. Previous subtitled versions circulating online as the “Full Speech” have actually included less than half of Stolz’s presentation. This version gratefully incorporates much of the subtitling of the earlier 44-minute version, but also revises that translation in places, in particular to bring out more clearly the legal issues that are at the heart of Stolz’s argument. As such, this new version is not only more complete, but hopefully more legally accurate as well.

In the speech, Stolz discusses her experiences as a defence lawyer for so-called Holocaust deniers in Germany, and describes the Orwellian system of state-enforced repression there which denies defendants (and their lawyers!) the right to explain themselves under threat of additional charges for the “repeat offence” of expressing a forbidden idea, even in their own defence in a court of law. Stolz further relates how the subject of the Holocaust itself has never been clearly or adequately defined by the German courts through the normal channel of judicial findings-of-fact in precedent decisions. Instead, the courts have relied on the arbitrary doctrine that the facts of the Holocaust are “self-evident” and thus in no need of proof, despite the obvious objection that the arguments of the “deniers” themselves clearly demonstrate that those facts are indeed contestable and thus cannot be “self-evident” by definition.

In the face of such abuses and absurdities, other lawyers might throw up their hands and simply walk away: Sylvia Stolz has the courage to call injustice what it is, and take a stand. Her speech is an extraordinary document of our times, a deeply moving call “to think what is true, to feel what is beautiful, and to want what is good.” Wherever you may fall along the ideological spectrum, if you believe in freedom of expression, this speech is a must.

And of course there’s one last outrageous twist to the story. On 25 February 2015, the German legal system heaped shame upon itself once more by sentencing Sylvia Stolz to twenty months in prison for “racial incitation” on the basis of what she says in this video. So watch and listen carefully and ask yourself . . . who are the real “fascists” here?

(Subtitles by A Friend and R J Tucker, with editorial input by Kladderadatsch.)

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I am Charlie: The Super Kosher Movie


As kosher supermarket hero Lassana Bathily becomes France’s newest citizen, scattered deniers still defy Big Brother Valls and refuse to “be Charlie” in this zombie thriller by Bernamej.

Original title: Je suis Charlie (Le film. Avec Manuel Valls, Faurisson, Hollande, Lassana, Taubira, etc.)


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For English-speaking viewers who might not get some of the references, a little background . . .

Lassana Bathily is the Malian guest worker at the Jewish “Super Kosher” (Hyper Cacher) supermarket in Paris who helped save some customers during the hostage/shooting at the store on 9 January 2015 by hiding them in a downstairs freezer. In recognition of this act, he was granted French citizenship on 20 January 2015, in a ceremony attended by French prime minister Manuel Valls. During the ceremony, Bathily read out a speech, excerpts of which appear, as recorded, in the video. The whole thing (French only) can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Un_ONT6mwM

Other characters appearing in the video include François Hollande, France’s feckless socialist President, who holds the record for lowest approval ratings for a sitting President in French history; Minister of Justice Christianne Taubira, originally from French Guyana; and of course Big Brother himself, Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Spanish-born Socialist notorious for his self-righteous grandstanding and relentless pursuit of politically incorrect “thought crime” in France, most notably in the form of quenelle-sliding comedian Dieudonné. (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quenelle_%28gesture%29)

Finally, the song at the end of the video is a traditional (16th-century) French folk song called “Je suis Robert” (I am Robert). LICRA is France’s equivalent of the ADL.

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