[...] I see no objective evidence whatever of mass-murder or the device(s) used to carry it out! They find...something...anything, and automatically it is "evidence" of their "holocaust." No scientifically-minded, thinking person who wasn't previously inclined via decades of propaganda/atrocity stories and/or an ideological agenda, to see mass-homicide in a handful of trinkets(that we still haven't actually seen), one suspiciously pristine ring, a scrap or two of bone(belonging to God only knows who), and a few concrete slabs where buildings are known to have existed would see this as evidence of it once being a murder factory where as many as a quarter-million people are alleged to have been exterminated!
- Inquisitor, CODOH Revisionist Forum, "Gas chamber" discovered at Sobibor

With Jews We Lose!

WITH JEWS controlling our media of news and entertainment, WE LOSE.

WITH JEWS controlling the banks of America and the world WE LOSE.

WITH JEWS manipulating and controlling our government WE LOSE.

Robert Ransdell proclaims that the time for basic losing is over, now we start to name the Jew, stand up for our people, and WE WIN.


Bravo, Mr. Ransdell! Thank you for having the guts to tell the truth — many are too coward these days to talk about the root cause to most of our problems, but not you.