[...] it's the three fucking see-no-Nazi-evil chimps: Eric Cunt, Fritz off his tits Bergbrain and Been-fucking-pwned-a-million-fucking-times-on-this-forum-there, with K0nsl and Trollo the Monger supplying the cunts chorus.
- Jonathan Harrison, a professor who teaches sociology at FGCU and Hodges University
It's very well known that Jonathan Harrison (who is Jewish, by the way) rants about 'anti-Semitism' at every opportune and inopportune moment the man can. He does it all the time. This feature is -- tragically -- very common amongst Jews, especially in those Jews who has as business, or as agenda, to lie - like in Harrison's case, for example. I can imagine it to be very dangerous for the mind to lie and pretend to believe in those lies. Surely it cannot be good for the mind, can it?
- Franz Holtzhäuser