GreenValueHost Jonathan Nguyen: “I’m like a gay person!”

This guy is a loser who runs a hosting “company” that barely stays up more than a few hours per month. You can search his name here for other quotes, I’ve only added a few so far.
One should stay far away from this person and his so-called company. When his server got hacked last month or whatever it was, he threatened to commit suicide — so in consequence people called the cops to his home, something which the juveniles’ parent’s probably weren’t so fond of..

GreenValueHost Humour: “How’s the server restore coming?”

The exchange in the screenshot is naturally fictional. Why is this funny? Well, because  Jaroslav Urban is a sock puppet of Jon Nguyen (GreenValueHost). In a typical “GVH announcement” Jon claimed Tyler operates, but this company is registered to somebody named Alan Romano — who’s [hosted] with  Hudson Valley Host.

This may only be humorous to somebody with at least some insight into the hosting industry.

Jon Nguyen: Jaroslav/Tyler was just a gimmick

Jon Nguyen of GreenValueHost writes the following message in an attempt to defend his most recent deceit / lies:

Due to initial privacy concerns and a verbal non disclosure agreement I was unable to be honest with the situation in it’s entirety. I deeply apologize for this and would like to take this opportunity to provide an explanation.
Yes, we do have multiple people working under aliases. Tyler is the real name of both aliases, and yes, he does run AH [AcclaimedHost]. Tyler has only recently started working a few days ago, however is actually appointed interim Operations Director to help the company get back in shape.

As he specifically requested to be unpaid and not to receive compensation, he does not benefit from this other than the fact that improving the company would trigger a domino effect that would improve our overall services, which he makes use of. AH and GVH [GreenValueHost] are separate companies, independently operated. Lance [Jessurun] remains stable and firm as our CEO, with the ‘Operations Director’/COO title being assigned to the member of staff responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and making sure the company runs smoothly. As of right now on an interim accord, that is Tyler, or ‘Jaroslav’.

GreenValueHost has been compromised..


Both GVH’s WHMCS and SolusVM have been compromised. We cannot say whether any data has been breached at this time, but given that the server has been compromised, I strongly recommend you assume that there is a high risk of data breach and you should reset passwords on other sites where you have reused the same passwordl
We are working at the moment to restore both of them, we will update again in 1 hour.

Jon Nguyen: “GreenValueHost is my life”


GVH is my life. If it’s the end of GVH then it’s the end of me, I can’t pick myself up if I lose this company, it means everything to me. I’m going to try and do everything I can to recover our data and if I fail, I will leave a handwritten note on my desk and post a copy of it here before I’m gone.
Reality has never hit me this hard. It hasn’t. And now that it has.. now that I have nothing in my hands right now, I can’t find it in myself to continue.

Jon Nguyen you are a pathetic liar. You are a disgrace to the ColoCrossing network, low-end market, web hosting industry, and to the Asian race. If I see you in person I swear I'll punch you in the face.
- FrapHost to Jon Nguyen (GreenValueHost), 2014