You’re fighting enemies of the jews

<slashsux> I’m totally for war. In order to be a strong nation, you must have a strong military. You must be aggressive, I’m surprised with how much you love Hitler and Germany.. k0nsl, that you’re not more about war and the military.
<k0nsl> i do, but today’s wars are pointless — we’re killing ourselves for zionist interests, you could just as well throw yourself in front of a two tonne truck.
<slashsux> what wars are you referring to?
<slashsux> I’ve said it before, In our lives, we’ll see the USSR again.
<k0nsl> any war since 1945, there’s been what? 80? I dunno, perhaps more.
<slashsux> its already started, and nobody is going to stop them.
<k0nsl> but any of the wars in the ME are incredibly pointless for any American, or European.
<slashsux> I could understand why you say that about Iraq.
<slashsux> But afghanistan? You do remember we’re not fighting afghanistan, we’re killing terrorists, because the blew up some shit in our country.
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<slashsux> and fuck you k0nsl, I know your country is getting over ran by musliums, along with every country in europe.
<slashsux> I cant believe you’re not 100% for us killing them
<k0nsl> i’m looking at who brought them in here.
<slashsux> And honestly, Iraq was, and should have been a huge tactical advantage for the USA on the war on terrorism.
<slashsux> We should have never abandon Al-Asad
<k0nsl> there’s even a friggin’ book about how my country became a “multicultural one” – “Hur Sverige blev en mångkultur”.
<slashsux> We should have had half a million troops stationed there for the next 100 years
<k0nsl> you’re wasting your lives, money and resources on fighting enemies of the jews when you could concentrate on building a better America.
<k0nsl> but w/e
<slashsux> well.
<slashsux> I can somewhat agree with you
<slashsux> Because everyone thinks were weak because of bullshit presidents
<k0nsl> that too..
<k0nsl> we think they are laughable.
<k0nsl> but so are ours.
<slashsux> these fucking musliums need to be exterminated
<slashsux> musliums are to me, what jews are you to you k0nsl
<slashsux> So fucking much, I joined the marines to kill them.
<slashsux> Which, I didnt directly do… but I did service helicopters, and other airborne death machines, so.. yeah.. they killed people.. team effort


Correction: there’s been over 140 ‘warlike’ conflicts since the end of 1945, a good portion of which has been for judeo-supremacist interests.

A feast of blood, a sea of oil

There were three ravens sat on a tree They were as black as they might be

The one of them said to his mate “Where shall we our breakfast take?”

Down in yonder Iraqi soil A feast of blood, a sea of oil.

“Will not they rise with sword & gun To send us back to kingdom come?”

From sky we’ll strike with shock & awe And then marines will kill some more.

Add phosphorous, jails, uranium Pain & pandemonium.

“When all is done”, asked raven of mate, “Where shall we our breakfast take?”

Down in yonder Iranian soil A feast of blood, a sea of oil.