“I showed him my ifconfig and he nearly fainted!”

Text + (ironically) further chat regarding another “downfall”…

<d4rkstorm> theyre one downfall is no rdns .. hehe
<d4rkstorm> owner told me they had problem with rdns/spamming
<d4rkstorm> i showed him my ifconfig and he nearly fainted
<k0nsl> lol!
<d4rkstorm> i have 4 /48and /64 assigned to the box.. if i wanted to spam, i could have sent a billion emails
<d4rkstorm> he gave me ipv6 extra tho
<d4rkstorm> lol..not much use without a vhost to brag!
<d4rkstorm> k0nsl ; do you still write much coding bro?
<k0nsl> nope
<k0nsl> I don’t have time
<d4rkstorm> wow ok
<d4rkstorm> your stub kicks ass, still
<d4rkstorm> i still use it
<k0nsl> thanks :)
<d4rkstorm> your stub is only one worth using..lol.
<k0nsl> but dealing with people who cannot even upload or install a WordPress is what’s stealing a lot of my time, then of course all of the ‘holocaust’ ‘denial’.
<d4rkstorm> haha wp…lol
<k0nsl> mmm..
<d4rkstorm> i hate web and even i can do wp
<d4rkstorm> ahh holocaustal matters make you horny
<k0nsl> lol
<d4rkstorm> i could probably say, i think hitler was assainated by his own
<d4rkstorm> watch ‘inglorious bastards’
<d4rkstorm> wart movie*
<d4rkstorm> war *
<d4rkstorm> probably one of best war films ive seen for sometime… about nazi etc
<k0nsl> try Down Fall / Der Untergang; that one actually has some fragment of truth in it, albeit still in a very distorted way (if you compare it to Christa Schroeder’s book for example).
<d4rkstorm> ah ok
<d4rkstorm> lemmme grab torrent sec…il put it on my pc and watch thru tv
<k0nsl> I think you’ll like it.
<d4rkstorm> http://kickass.to/falling-down-1993-dvdrip-klaxxon-t2825286.html
<d4rkstorm> this
<k0nsl> http://kickass.to/der-untergang-downfall-2004-1080p-x264-jalucian-t7273866.html
<d4rkstorm> ahhh
<d4rkstorm> subtitled
<d4rkstorm> im grabbing it now
<k0nsl> good, good
<d4rkstorm> i like decent movies about war but only ones wich have a good plot
<d4rkstorm> plenty of people seeding this to so must be decent
<k0nsl> well, I won’t say anything re this one, you’ll just have to see it…tell me later if you liked it.
<d4rkstorm> ok sounds good

A note about “Inglourious Basterds” from Ingrid Rimland Zündel via e-mail in 9/21/09:

To all –

I haven’t seen Inglourious Basterds – no, it’s no spelling mistake! – and have no intentions to see it. Apparently, it tops by a factor of 10 the filth-and-gore of Schindlers List, that piece of lying trash about what happened in the war to our Everlasting Persecuted.

The film review below speaks for itself, and I apologize up-front for the filthy language – in the film and in this review. I don’t know how else to convey to you that this bloody mark of inhumanity seems to be the ultimate in Jewish sadism openly directed at the Germans.

I would also like to mention that at least one theatre in the Fatherland has had the courage to give the boot to this appalling piece of trash – but apparently only after somebody called in a bomb threat unless the showing of this film was abandoned.

When you read the movie review below, I believe you will agree with me that we desperately need an antidote to Hollywood.

If the spirit moves you and you believe that something just needs to be done against this battering of decent people’s feelings, to www.soaringeaglesgallery.com – still under construction – for details.



(1) http://www.toqonline.com/2009/08/inglourious-basterds/