Apparently, these Jewish war agitators on the other side of the Atlantic cared nothing for the lives and safety of the German Jews. They continued their agitation in the most evil manner as war came, with their constant defamation of Germany and Hitler. With the unconditional surrender of the German defense forces on May 8th, 1945, the anti-Germans attained their goal: once again, the German folk could be carved up like a dead goose, as is happening today. Our successors know absolutely nothing about the foregoing events. The German folk are purposely kept ignorant by the politicians and media. Why?

You’re fighting enemies of the jews

<slashsux> I’m totally for war. In order to be a strong nation, you must have a strong military. You must be aggressive, I’m surprised with how much you love Hitler and Germany.. k0nsl, that you’re not more about war and the military.
<k0nsl> i do, but today’s wars are pointless — we’re killing ourselves for zionist interests, you could just as well throw yourself in front of a two tonne truck.
<slashsux> what wars are you referring to?
<slashsux> I’ve said it before, In our lives, we’ll see the USSR again.
<k0nsl> any war since 1945, there’s been what? 80? I dunno, perhaps more.
<slashsux> its already started, and nobody is going to stop them.
<k0nsl> but any of the wars in the ME are incredibly pointless for any American, or European.
<slashsux> I could understand why you say that about Iraq.
<slashsux> But afghanistan? You do remember we’re not fighting afghanistan, we’re killing terrorists, because the blew up some shit in our country.
-*status- *** k0nsl detached (from
<slashsux> and fuck you k0nsl, I know your country is getting over ran by musliums, along with every country in europe.
<slashsux> I cant believe you’re not 100% for us killing them
<k0nsl> i’m looking at who brought them in here.
<slashsux> And honestly, Iraq was, and should have been a huge tactical advantage for the USA on the war on terrorism.
<slashsux> We should have never abandon Al-Asad
<k0nsl> there’s even a friggin’ book about how my country became a “multicultural one” – “Hur Sverige blev en mångkultur”.
<slashsux> We should have had half a million troops stationed there for the next 100 years
<k0nsl> you’re wasting your lives, money and resources on fighting enemies of the jews when you could concentrate on building a better America.
<k0nsl> but w/e
<slashsux> well.
<slashsux> I can somewhat agree with you
<slashsux> Because everyone thinks were weak because of bullshit presidents
<k0nsl> that too..
<k0nsl> we think they are laughable.
<k0nsl> but so are ours.
<slashsux> these fucking musliums need to be exterminated
<slashsux> musliums are to me, what jews are you to you k0nsl
<slashsux> So fucking much, I joined the marines to kill them.
<slashsux> Which, I didnt directly do… but I did service helicopters, and other airborne death machines, so.. yeah.. they killed people.. team effort


Correction: there’s been over 140 ‘warlike’ conflicts since the end of 1945, a good portion of which has been for judeo-supremacist interests.

Was Hitler a liar?

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