There should be no "historical facts" who needs the protection of law to stand firm - a historical event that is true can stand on its own merits. The story of what happened to the Jews during WWII can not stand on its own merits; it requires imprisonment of researchers; imprisonment of individuals who question aspects of it; it feels it necessary to utilize torture to get a confession out of those who served in those fateful years; it required several foul show trials to establish itself as "proven history".
- Franz Holtzhäuser, "Back on track", Holocaust History Archive, 2007
Holo-History is not History at all, but a matter of religious mythology. That means that the "facts" are as writ-large (or as meaningless) as they need to be without limitation and without need of intellectual rigour. This is the approach that mainstream historians continue to take with respect to the Big-H, and that is not scientific historiography at all but simply Theology.
- Scott Smith, "The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth", RODOH, 2015
I really would like this holocaust myth to be debunked. Enough with the lies, humanity will never grow if we keep this bullshit of changing history accordingly to who ever wins and not tell the factual truth.
- Marcelo Duarte de Araújo

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Benjamin Gessel: “You cannot rewrite history!”

An upset Benjamin Gessel (✡) says we cannot rewrite history. But as any normal person knows, history is constantly revised and rewritten — it’s the way it works and always will work, I hope. Alas, as the history is his beloved Holoshlock he says it cannot and must not be rewritten :)

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