Hellstorm: a documentary on the Allied Genocide of Germans

Documentary movie “Hellstorm: Exposing The Real Genocide of German people during World War Two”. As somebody said on CODOH’s forum, it’s been long overdue. The worst victims during this gargantuan conflict were the German people, both during the war and most assuredly after the war.

Discuss the documentary at CODOH’s forum, here.

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You are the victim of a crime!

I first found, or learned, rather, of this clip via Jultomtemor. I have cut out everything in it, all but Lord Nelson’s speech and the one by K.L. The credits at the end of the clip has been left unmolested.

What is my reason for cutting it? Because the rest of it would make no sense without English subtitles: a language which surely is understood by a great many people, all over the world. Norwegian with Swedish subtitles (burnt-in) would make very little sense to most people. [DELETION]

At any rate, enjoy this clip. Please spread it far and wide: to your friends and to people who may find it interesting. Et cetera. You know the routine better than me

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The original clip (in several parts) can be found here.


“The situation in Palestine is not genocide”, says a Jew

A Jew told us this so it must be true. They would never lie about the situation in Palestine…right? The many thousands of murdered babies are just unfortunate victims (and potential future terrorists)…ahem, right?

Of course it’s genocide, anybody with a peabrain recognises this simple fact. In the Zionist mindset a Jew can never be guilty of killing goyim – it even says so in their holy books.

Jews in Israel celebrate genocide of Palestinian children

From the video:

“Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left.”

“In Gaza there’s no studying, No children are left there, Olé, olé, olé-olé-olé.”

The video which was linked in this post initially has been set to “private”. I therefore removed it and replaced it with the original video…alas without subtitles.

Illiterate genocide artists: “From Israel whit love”

As I commented on Faceblergh:

‘whit love’...these little genocidal monsters cannot even spell. Illiterate genocide artists! Perhaps, rather than exterminating the indigenous population of a country they stole, they should spend some time in school?
But I suppose, for these monsters…this is school. Beg my pard.
PS, see this: