Ernst Zündel: A Spartan of the Spirit

Ingrid sent me a copy of the DVD Ernst Zündel: A Spartan of the Spirit in late March 2013. I tried uploading a high quality version on YouTube which I ripped from the DVD — that was futile, my account is still in “bad standing” for a previous upload titled “18 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Jewish” which factually listed 18 reasons why it could be “great” to be Jewish. That was frowned upon, it appears!

So, at any rate, here is the video as it was uploaded by Ingrid on her YouTube account. It’s only available in 480p, unfortunately.


This DVD tells how Ernst Zündel’s stunning prison paintings were created – under the most daunting and humiliating conditions in our so-called “modern” prisons in three countries on two continents, where speaking the truth is now a crime enshrined in law.

One of the most inspirational stories of our times.


I managed to upload my ripped DVD + converting the M4V to MP4:



.mp4 [Download]
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.mp4 [Download]
(HD) | .m4v (HD)

So enjoy the high quality upload

“The German leaders, at Nuremberg, did not deny that they murdered jews!”

Verbatim: « and let me remind you that the German army, the German leaders, at Nuremberg, did not deny the allegations that they murdered jews in these camps ». But wait, hold your horses Mr. Braden: the Germans vehemently denied these things, unless they were tortured or otherwise persuaded to tell fairy tales — as in (for example) the case of Rudolf Höss. Here’s over seven pages of such denial – from many German leaders and prominent figures at the time.

Alas, the CNN Crossfire host — Thomas Braden — is caught in a blatant lie. He also starts off the program by babbling absolute rubbish, which Mr. Zündel easily refutes.

I'm sure you are well aware that he [Andrew E. Mathis] provided a dossier to the US and Canadian governments on Ernst Zündel, which helped deport him to Germany where he is currently imprisoned, because Zündel is a "neo-Nazi."
- Al Parker, k0nsl-archives, 7/13/07