Muslim extremist: “k0nsl is racist german nazi!”

I am apparently a vicious “raycist”, a “nazi” and also German — for pointing out (to a Muslim) how old Aisha was when she got married to Mohammed; according to most sources I have seen (including on heavily censored sites such as “Wikipedia”) Aisha appears to have been between six or eight years old when Mohammed married her. I don’t think she had much say in whether she wanted to marry him or not.
At any rate, these Muslims, and it includes this Egyptian guy who calls itself “t0xic” either support this blatant act of paedophilia or they don’t. Simple. In t0xic’s case it appears to me that he’s defending such behaviour, judging by how he reacted by adding me to his ignore list, and then went on to call me a bunch of names on a totally different IRC network in order to rally up sympathy from easily fooled cuckolds…

I write in the title of this post “extremist” because I find it extremely foul to defend paedophilia, no matter if you’re a muslim or a jew. Et cetera.

The basic problem is that the Jew has been lying for such a long time he is totally incapable to recognize truth if he fell across it. Just read the bible. The holohoax is equal to the story they invented about their bondage in slavery in Egypt and just look, the whole world is just repeating it without being the least bit interested if there were any bit of truth in that story. First of all, the Jews were always welcome in the land of the Pharaohs as the Egyptian perceived the Jews to be quite intelligent. To this very day, there isn't the slightest bit of evidence of they every having been kept as slaves in that land. In fact, we know that all the workers on the pyramids were free men and they received a fair wage from their employers. But the Jews, had to have been the victim, so they came up with the bullshit about being slaves.
- blacksmith, CODOH Forum, December 2014