Remember Dresden!

Don’t forget: even if the so-called jewish “holocaust” had any merit to it (i.e systematic extermination in make-shift chemical slaughterhouses with a lame pesticide) this act of Allied mass murder outdoes the jewish spectacle with ease. Still, we never read about it in school, or in the media. There’s no Obama “crying” for the victims in Dresden.

Even the "hundred thousand" figure for those reported missing must be an under-estimate. There were over half a million homeless refugees in the streets of Dresden, fleeing the Red Army siege of Breslau to the East. Whole refugee families must have been engulfed by the Dresden holocaust, with nobody surviving to report them as "missing".
- David Irving, Radical's Diary, April 24, 2009 (Friday)

On the topic of Dresden

I fetched this from TheBlackRabbitofInlé.

Below’s something I found at the National Archives yesterday. Which, ironically, was partially on fire itself. (new window)

I’ve since learnt David Irving quotes this in the revised edition of his Dresden book. He found a copy in the USAF archive.

It’s a translation of an intercepted message from the police chief in Dresden, SS Gruppenführer Werner von Alvensleben, sent the day after the initial raid.

500,000 estimated to be homeless!