Digerati (✡) is pwnt once again

Digerati (✡) is pwnt once again. So easy. Plus, these are “ordinary” people in the chat, who are not ideologically anywhere near me, but they all knew I was right and clearly saw it, and even chipped in to bask in Digerati’s misery.

This is material from k0nslIRC.

That “feel” when you own somebody

Full resolution


“Few people deny the holocaust”….oh really?


<k0nsl> <Digerati> not very prevalent, but the few who deny it upset lots of people
<k0nsl> few people?
<k0nsl> give me a friggin’ break.
<k0nsl> http://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8596&p=65253
<k0nsl> straight from ADL.
<Digerati> of course you’re linking as a source a nazi deniers forum
<Digerati> lol
<k0nsl> want other source?
<k0nsl> okay!
<k0nsl> no problem!
<k0nsl> http://news.yahoo.com/half-people-surveyed-adl-dont-know-holocaust-201510025.html
<k0nsl> http://global100.adl.org/public/ADL-Global-100-Executive-Summary.pdf
<Digerati> not knowing what the holocaust is is not the same as denying that it happened :)
<RaGe[]> lol
<k0nsl> “a majority of people surveyed overall have either not heard of the holocaust or do not believe it happened as has been described by history
<RaGe[]> this only strengthens my argument that humans…are retarded
<Digerati> ^
<slashsux> RaGe[] I bet k0nsl has some sort of program, thats like a nazi machine, where he just types in a search term, and gets like.. links and pictures and quotes and shit.. like.. “Digerati is saying a few people deny the holocaust?! DUN NUH NUH NUH NAZZZIII MACHINE: “HOW MANY PEOPLE DENY THE HOLOCAUST?!” ZING PING *BAM*” and it spits out all this information
<Digerati> LOL
<torm3nt> http://www.dailystormer.com/jews-sob-after-several-middle-school-students-say-holocaust-never-happened/
<RaGe[]> i assume so yes
<RaGe[]> nazi fact bot
<Digerati> that’s what happens when you spend over a decade of your life working on holocaust denial efforts
<slashsux> he must, and if he doesnt.. hes not as good of a nazi as i thought.
<RaGe[]> !nazibot define holocaust
<RaGe[]> nazibot: totally didn’t happen lol
<Digerati> :D
<k0nsl> -_-
<Digerati> rofl
<slashsux> HAHAHA
<k0nsl> assholers.
<slashsux> k0nsl: <3
<RaGe[]> ;P
<k0nsl> <3
<slashsux> come on k0nsl you had to laugh at that one
<k0nsl> a little bit, yeah.
<RaGe[]> lewl

Digerati: “Zionism is awesome”

Ryan Brett Goldstein (AKA ‘Digerati‘):

<Digerati> Zionism is awesome
<Digerati> source: The Matrix
<k0nsl> in Sweden, whenever somebody sees an Israeli flag hoisted, its a broken nose as the end result. Such things may fly (a pun) in ‘Murica but should never be tolerated here, or anywhere, really.
<k0nsl> http://www.dailystormer.com/sweden-jew-beaten-with-iron-pipes-for-flying-israeli-flag/



The little girl on the photograph attached to this post does not think “Zionism is awesome”.


odds0cks: “do you still deny the holocaust?”

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<k0nsl> https://k0nsl.org/blog/new-cpanel-server/

<Taylor> URL Found: New cPanel server! | k0nsl’s blog

<odds0cks> haven’t seen you around in forever k0nsl

<odds0cks> forgive me for being silly but …

<k0nsl> :)

<odds0cks> do you still deny the holocaust?

<k0nsl> of course.

<odds0cks> or am I confusing you with someone else

<odds0cks> you were on cruel-intentionz back in the day? not to mention a bunch of other forums

<k0nsl> yeah :]

<Digerati> haha

<Digerati> blast from the past

<odds0cks> indeed

<Digerati> odds0cks: did you have a different nick back then?

<Digerati> i don’t remember you

<odds0cks> I’ve gone by a few, I won’t mention

<odds0cks> I know you Digerati …

<k0nsl> (horror movie music)

<k0nsl> I beg my pard for that, Digerati.

<Digerati> :(

<k0nsl> anyway, glad to hear from somebody I presumably knew back in the day :D

b0b: “Digerati where is your mug shot?”

<b0b> Digerati where is your mug shot?
<Digerati> don’t have one
<b0b> http://is.gd/Eo1xlr
<b0b> ^^rage[]
<illy> lol
<Digerati> LOL
<b0b> Digerati give me your mugshot right now or i will have illwill find and/or fabricate one
<Digerati> honestly don’t have one
<Digerati> or if i do, i don’t know where it is
<Digerati> i’d love to see it
<illy> what county did you get arrested in
<illy> your mug shot is made public
<Digerati> i didn’t get arrested in a county
<Digerati> was arrested by feds
<Digerati> i don’t recall getting a mug shot taken
<Digerati> got fingerprints and DNA
<illy> you still need to sit in county to get your federal charges
<Digerati> don’t think i got a pic though
<b0b> they dont give you a picture
<b0b> they make it public record
<Digerati> nah lol, they brought me to philadelphia FBI field office
<Digerati> and booked me there
<Digerati> i was with FBI and DEA arrestees
<Digerati> i mean i don’t think they took a pic of me when i was arrested
<Digerati> if they did, i don’t remember them doing it
<b0b> w/e
<b0b> w/e
<illy> digerati is like …”listen”
<illy> “i’ll cut a deal”
<illy> “i’ll give you akill and everyone you need to know”
<illy> “i know this guy ksv who has this trojan”
<b0b> he gave me priv8s
<Digerati> lol
<Digerati> i miss ksv
<b0b> fine just give me the footage of you crying in the courtroom
<illy> ksv ran as far away from you as possible
<b0b> lol
<Digerati> he was in florida for a while
<Digerati> that sexy ass pilot
<illy> k ghey talk
<b0b> srs, u always gotta gay up erryting
<Digerati> it’s what i do


This is one of the guys Digerati gave to the feds in exchange for a lighter sentence:

b0b: “Yeah sorry I forgot you are the tolerance police”

<RaGe[]> i already say dood and whoa too much as it is and i dont even do drugs
<RaGe[]> if i did i’d literally turn retarded
<RaGe[]> although i’d probably get laid a lot more often since id be all like whoaaaaa hey baby without shame
<b0b> thats like saying “i dont want to try alcohol but i’ll definately try anal”
<b0b> (with a dude was implied)
<RaGe[]> rofl
<Digerati> (not that there’s anything wrong with that)
<b0b> yeah sorry i forgot you were the tolerance police

Jews are depraved

[21:04] <@Digerati> hey k0nsl: [LINK]
[21:09] <@Digerati> in case you decide to become a mohel