Even the "hundred thousand" figure for those reported missing must be an under-estimate. There were over half a million homeless refugees in the streets of Dresden, fleeing the Red Army siege of Breslau to the East. Whole refugee families must have been engulfed by the Dresden holocaust, with nobody surviving to report them as "missing".
- David Irving, Radical's Diary, April 24, 2009 (Friday)

Berg’s Challenges to Debate — NOT “bogus” at all!

From Mr. Berg:

I am quite willing to “debate” Chris Webb and/or almost anyone on the planet. I suspect, however, that Chris Webb–whoever he is–has enough brains to know he will lose any debate with me about gas chambers–and that is really why he and nearly all of my likely opponents, including David Irving, will remain silent about my challenge. Perhaps I will simply go away. Someday, I certainly will go away–but not yet.

The holocaust true-believers have already lost the debate–and hard. The issues are clear enough today for everyone willing to look at the “evidence” and the revisionist arguments, especially my own. More revisionist evidence is emerging almost every day. Stay tuned for more stunning videos from Eric Hunt and others.

Roberto Muehlenkamp was the best defender of the hoax that the holocaust true-believers are ever likely to find. He was in general a far better “debater” than I am–but, he lost because his entire position was, and is, so thoroughly flawed and bogus. Muehlenkamp crushed himself. As skilled and tenacious as he was, Muehlenkamp could not make gold out of horseshit.

Friedrich Paul Berg
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Nazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!

On the topic of Dresden

I fetched this from TheBlackRabbitofInlé.

Below’s something I found at the National Archives yesterday. Which, ironically, was partially on fire itself. (new window)

I’ve since learnt David Irving quotes this in the revised edition of his Dresden book. He found a copy in the USAF archive.

It’s a translation of an intercepted message from the police chief in Dresden, SS Gruppenführer Werner von Alvensleben, sent the day after the initial raid.

500,000 estimated to be homeless!