The bear, the eagle and the Jew

I retell a cheap ‘witz’ from storyteller Hubert Morris — the now somewhat famous “BEAR AND EAGLE” story, which according to Hubert Morris, took place in Buchenwald on a regular basis!

The fantasy of these people astound me.

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Dean Irebodd: Buchenwald—A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil

The liberation of the German war-time concentration camp at Buchenwald presented an opportunity for an Allied Psyche Warfare operation meant to denazify the Germans via atrocity stories. The person in charge reported directly to Eisenhower, so it was coordinated from higher up. But this operation “blew back” into USA media, which is why Americans remember growing up hearing stories of lampshades made of the skin of murdered inmates. President Barack Obama visiting in June 2009 showed that everyone is still misled.

the first edition of “Buchenwald” was released in August 2008. It has been pointed out correctly that the part in the video about DDT and the Germans knowing about DDT is somewhat inaccurate. Besides that, as of March 2012, no one, including any history professor, has attempted to refute any aspect of the video.

A 2 hour and 22 minute movie.


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“The German leaders, at Nuremberg, did not deny that they murdered jews!”

Verbatim: « and let me remind you that the German army, the German leaders, at Nuremberg, did not deny the allegations that they murdered jews in these camps ». But wait, hold your horses Mr. Braden: the Germans vehemently denied these things, unless they were tortured or otherwise persuaded to tell fairy tales — as in (for example) the case of Rudolf Höss. Here’s over seven pages of such denial – from many German leaders and prominent figures at the time.

Alas, the CNN Crossfire host — Thomas Braden — is caught in a blatant lie. He also starts off the program by babbling absolute rubbish, which Mr. Zündel easily refutes.