I am Charlie: The Super Kosher Movie


As kosher supermarket hero Lassana Bathily becomes France’s newest citizen, scattered deniers still defy Big Brother Valls and refuse to “be Charlie” in this zombie thriller by Bernamej.

Original title: Je suis Charlie (Le film. Avec Manuel Valls, Faurisson, Hollande, Lassana, Taubira, etc.)


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For English-speaking viewers who might not get some of the references, a little background . . .

Lassana Bathily is the Malian guest worker at the Jewish “Super Kosher” (Hyper Cacher) supermarket in Paris who helped save some customers during the hostage/shooting at the store on 9 January 2015 by hiding them in a downstairs freezer. In recognition of this act, he was granted French citizenship on 20 January 2015, in a ceremony attended by French prime minister Manuel Valls. During the ceremony, Bathily read out a speech, excerpts of which appear, as recorded, in the video. The whole thing (French only) can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Un_ONT6mwM

Other characters appearing in the video include François Hollande, France’s feckless socialist President, who holds the record for lowest approval ratings for a sitting President in French history; Minister of Justice Christianne Taubira, originally from French Guyana; and of course Big Brother himself, Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Spanish-born Socialist notorious for his self-righteous grandstanding and relentless pursuit of politically incorrect “thought crime” in France, most notably in the form of quenelle-sliding comedian Dieudonné. (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quenelle_%28gesture%29)

Finally, the song at the end of the video is a traditional (16th-century) French folk song called “Je suis Robert” (I am Robert). LICRA is France’s equivalent of the ADL.

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Holo-Heretic Hunters: The Faurisson File


Inspector Marlon Branleux of the French police battles the relentless Professor Faurisson and the insidious power of revisionist doubt in this hilarious satire by Bernamej.


https://media.k0nsl.org/Holo-Heretic Hunters - The Faurisson File-English-Subtitled01 k0nsl.mp4 [Download]
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