If the Holocaust revisionists would be shown to be right we would lose our sense about the Second World War, we would lose our sense about what democracy was. The Second World War was a moral war; it was a war between good and evil. And so if we take the core of this war, which is in fact Auschwitz, out of the picture, then everything else becomes unintelligible to us. We collectively end up in a madhouse.
- Robert Van Pelt, Dutch ‘holocaust’ promotor
Auschwitz as a concentration camp, labour camp – there’s no doubt about it [authenticity] – but the systematic extermination of Jews in Auschwitz, that’s a lie. You know that.
- Horst Mahler to Michael Friedman in an interview from 2007

Jan27.org Committee Announcement

A brief announcement from the “Jan27.org Committee”:

We’re soon nearing the end of December and into January. Please have a look at the following site — jan27.org — and realize that 2015 is the 70th Anniversary year of the so-called “lie-beration” of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp by the Soviet Red Army and the Soviet Political Commissars.

Although the Red Army arrived in January 1945, the exact date is not known, nor were there very many inmates to “liberate.” The Germans had evacuated the camp on or around the 18th of January, leaving behind some 7000 hospital patients, under the care of doctors and nurses, and those unable for other reasons to undertake the day-long march to Gleiwitz. [Once there, the marchers rested a couple of days before taking a train to Buchenwald or some other work-camp destination.]

When the Red Army came upon the mostly empty camp (more like around Jan 20th), they simply continued on “toward Berlin” while the political operatives entered the camp and began assessing how to use it for propaganda purposes. They had “liberated” the abandoned Majdanek camp outside Lublin six months before, and now they had another opportunity to create an even bigger propaganda story.

That is all the so-called liberation of Auschwitz really is. But The Holocaust Industry, led by the United Nations, the Polish government and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum will be making a huge hulabaloo in 2015 because it is the 70th Anniversary of this non-event.

This entire website, jan27.org, is devoted to explaining to you what Auschwitz-Birkenau-Monowitz really was and what actually took place there. Look at the menu items across the top of the page, under the banner, and select one that you want to learn about. You will find the essential information you need to know, written by some of the best revisionist scholars in the world.

Watch the videos; they tell the story of Auschwitz-Birkenau and only this camp, no other. That is because Auschwitz was made the center of the “Holocaust” from the beginning, at the Nuremberg Tribunal; thus if the Auschwitz legends are not true, then none of it is true.

Kudos to those of you who have the courage and intellectual curiosity to assess and judge information based on its merits rather than simply indulge in hysterical “victor propaganda” without ever digging in deeper to see it for what it actually is, just plain propaganda and lies. You can find out much more about it all by visiting our site for more information — be sure to invite your friends as well: http://jan27.org/

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In late 1944 or early 1945, Karl Lill — a Czech Communist who, with Langbein, served as Wirths’s prisoner secretary [at Auschwitz] — sent a note to Eduard Wirths asking the chief doctor to prevent a Nazi plan (that Lill and others had heard of originating in the Political Department) to kill all prisoners. In another letter Lill told how, at their last meeting, Wirths urged him “with tearful eyes” to join the prisoners’ evacuation because he was convinced that should Lill remain in Auschwitz the Russians would kill him."
- Robert Lifton, Nazi doctors (pp. 390-391)

RaGe[]: “murdering people en mass via ovens [sic] was effective”

RaGe[] says this on IRC in #thehax:

effective isn’t always good. like murdering people en mass via ovens [sic] was effective. doesn’t mean it should be done


First of all, this produced a big “rofl” for me. His one and only example is a big bluff — bogus. I assume he must be speaking about crematoriums located in the German concentration camps, in his one and only example. But I can only guess. There existed ovens in most concentration camps too, of course, or nearby, but those were exclusive to the bakeries and kitchens and to kill somebody in one of those ovens can be discarded as impossible, because nobody ever alleged it to have happened — not even in the most deranged of ”holocaust’ ‘eyewitness’ testimony does one read about somebody being murdered in the ovens of the bakery, or in the ovens used for the kitchen, nor is it rarely ever alleged that somebody was murdered in a crematorium (e.g chucked alive into a crematorium) — and never is it alleged to have been done “en masse”.

What sort of idiot would think murdering people “en masse” in ovens is effective? That’s so detached from reality it boggles the mind in a very eery manner.

Here’s a photograph of the former Auschwitz bakery:


If RaGe[] means crematoriums by saying ovens, he’s still in the wrong. Because nobody was ever murdered “en masse” in any of the crematoriums, either. A crematorium is something which is used to incinerate a corpse which has already been deceased.

If RaGe[] wants to delve into anti-German hate he could use a more intelligent [??] approach, for example:

murdering people en masse via gas chambers was effective

It would be a more intelligent thing to say something like that as its not entirely retarded as opposed to saying:

murdering people en mass via ovens [sic] was effective


That’s so retarded words fail me.