I shudder to think of the abuse Andy [Mathis] was subjected to as a child to make him the way he is.
- Mark Caine, RODOH, 2014
If you infected my computer, that will be the biggest mistake of your life, bar none.
- Andrew E. Mathis, "Question for Mathis", 18 July 2006
So your buddy must have forgot to pay his bills it seems, as the "liveliest revisionist moderated on line discussion on the Holocaust" is, well, dead. HAHAHA!
- Andrew E. Mathis, Holocaust Enforcer, in 2013 via YouTube
I desire no further contact from you. EVER. If you e-mail me again, I will simply have the e-mail forwarded elsewhere. As to whom I will send it to, well you can leave that to your imagination.
- Andrew E. Mathis to k0nsl via e-mail, 3/18/08
After every one of his [Andrew E. Mathis] laughable arguments were thoroughly debunked, he resorted to hate, namecalling, and spamming the CODOH Revisionist Forum. So typical. Some people are just built that way.
- Hannover, 11/7/06
I went to a Web site that you set up and a trojan tried to breach my firewall. I call 'em as I see 'em.
- Andrew E. Mathis on Yuku 2005
I heard all about how some guy in Florida threatened to rat you out to the Swedish government and you closed down your Web site. You are an immense pussy.
- Andrew E. Mathis to k0nsl in 2005