Fascinating Interview with Lady Mosley (k0nsl)

This is a fascinating interview with Diana Mosley (nee Mitford; the sister of Unity Mitford) who was married to Oswald Mosley, the founder of the British Union of Fascists. Interestingly enough, the Mosley’s were close acquaintances of both Adolf Hitler and Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

It touches on the big “H” in the first few minutes.

Thanks to CODOH Forum participant Mulegino for the description and for sharing the MP3. I only converted it to another format and uploaded it here.

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Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

“I know looks can be deceiving but I know I saw light in you.” — Taylor Swift

Sorry for the terrible editing. I had to hack together this clip in the most horrible way you could ever imagine. What a damn mess for such a short clip.
I shot the clip with my Samsung Edge. Ugh!


Well, as for the book. You can’t say it’s not a beautiful book — even if you’re a so-called “anti-fascist”. The photographs inside are simply superb! I bought the book many years ago for three hundred dollars.

In Memory of Adolf Hitler

Dear Friends,

Knut Hamsun, Norwegian author and recipient of the Nobel Prize (in the 1920s — at a time when it was still “prestigious”), wrote in May 1, 1945, a memorial to Adolf Hilter which was printed in Aftenposten, Norway’s largest newspaper. Following is a translation in English, as nearly as possible, his words:

I am not worthy to be vociferous about Adolf Hitler. Any sentimental words I use cannot describe his life and activities.

He was a warrior for mankind and a believer in the gospel of right for all. His historical destiny was that he acted and worked as a reformist of the highest rank in a time of unparalleled brutality which, in the end, felled him. And in remembrance, his closest followers, and Western Europeans, all should see Adolf Hitler in this manner.

Adolf The Great

A man larger than life was born on this very date — 20 April 1889. A man named Adolf Hitler: constantly maligned in our “history books” but persistently rehabilitated by people all over the world. It’s no shame in saying it, this man was great.

This video was made in 2008.